Product Spotlight - March 2021

Product Spotlight - March 2021

High-quality tanks are an important component of sewer collections systems. When releasing the Prelos sewer solution in 2019, Orenco Systems focused on quality tanks while creating a design to improve overall efficiency in function and maintenance. 

Prelos systems are cylindrical and utilize a meander design for solids removal. Flow enters one end of the tank, where travel is then directed horizontally to the far end before returning back to the outlet port, which can be gravity or pump driven. The idea behind directing flow in such a way is to increase flow length, and Orenco reports seeing roughly a 90% longer flow path compared to traditional systems, leading to great efficiency in solids removal. 

“Based on what we’re seeing, we expect about a 20% improvement in between pump-out cycles with this new design,” says Mike Saunders, Orenco’s market segment leader for effluent sewers. “When you start thinking over the life cycle of the tank, that can be pretty significant.” 

Prelos stands for “pressurized liquid-only sewer” and was engineered using technology that is based on Orenco’s nearly four decades of sewer solutions. This system is made to be a solution for community sewers as an all-in-one complete unit that is easy to install and will remove solids at the source. After installation, small-diameter, liquid-only sewer lines carry primary-treated effluent to a treatment facility. 

Housing the meander design is a tank made from DCPD plastic, which Orenco says is probably the strongest part of the system. “What it brings to the table is a very high strength-to-weight ratio,” Saunders says. “It is a resin product and really high impact resistant so it doesn’t get damaged like fiberglass and it doesn’t flex like a polyethylene tank would.” This material makes the system lightweight and ideal for a buried tank, he says.

ClickTight electrical connections eliminate the need for splice boxes. “I think that’s one of the most welcomed improvements because people who maintain these systems no longer see splice boxes getting compromised by moisture and now replacing pumps is much simpler,” Saunders says. ClickTight connections are complete plug-in packages for wiring pumps, control panels or flow switches that make interchanging as easy as unplugging and plugging back in. 

“People are finding it very easy to install and operators are loving the ClickTight and hanging pump assembly,” Saunders says. “Everything we have heard back so far has been extremely positive.” 800-348-9843; 


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