Product Spotlight - April 2021

Product Spotlight - April 2021

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Odor may be a concern with any onsite treatment system, decentralized system, treatment plant or municipal collection system. Fortunately, as advancements in technology continue to improve onsite treatment practices, developments in odor control have also come a long way.

AiraCarb Odor Control Systems are built to rid any onsite or decentralized wastewater treatment or municipal collection applications of foul odors using Anua’s high-capacity activated carbon media.

“Any application using aeration is particularly well-suited for an AiraCarb system as off-gassing of hydrogen sulfide occurs anywhere wastewater is disturbed,” says Sean Martin, president of Anua. 

The AiraCarb system comes in two sizes, providing 75 or 175 cfm to best suit the application at hand, and can either be set up as passive vent systems or customers may choose to utilize a fan-based option where foul air is drawn from the headspace to achieve proper empty bed residence times. 

“The beauty of the AiraCarb odor control systems is in their simplicity and low operation and maintenance costs,” Martin says. “We have designed them with operators in mind so that they can be installed and left alone to resolve any odor issue.” 

Standard features include a corrosion-proof vessel with removable lid and 4-inch-diameter PVC inlet and outlet. Each unit also has an attached 1/2-inch-diameter PVC condensate drain with ball valve. A top-mounted cast-aluminum blower with 120V direct-drive motor can be installed as an option and customers can also request specialized carbon medias. 

The AiraCarb 75 measures 22 inches in diameter by 38 inches tall and the 175 model shares the same height but measures 26 inches in diameter. The units are also designed utilizing components and color schemes that are familiar to onsite wastewater professionals, so they blend into the surroundings and go unnoticed.

“In the odor control business, the best feedback that you can receive is none at all, which means that the system is performing exactly as it was designed,” Martin says. “When we have asked customers, who are using the systems on applications where they had previously heard complaints, the response has been that the AiraCarb system is working perfectly, and the odor complaints ceased the day the system was installed.” 336-547-9338; 


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