Product Focus - June 2021

Product Focus - June 2021

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Septic Tanks

Jet Inc. J-500-800 PLT
Jet Inc. J-500-800PLT and the J-500-800PLT-F (installed outlet filter) plastic tanks are a lightweight alternative to concrete J-1500 Series BAT Media Plants. PLT series tanks offer variable treatment capacity in an NSF 40 and 245 listed treatment system from 500 to 800 gpd using the time-proven 700++ aerator. The seamless tanks are manufactured of polyethylene material for strength and durability. They are easy to transport and install in difficult site conditions and are locally supported by Jet’s network of trained and certified distributors. 800-321-6960;

Kistner Concrete Products precast concrete septic tanks
Precast concrete septic tanks from Kistner Concrete Products are available in sizes from 300 to 26,000 gallons. The tanks are designed and tested for structural capacity, as well as vacuum-tested for watertightness. All tanks are manufactured under the Green Tag Quality Standard Certification Program. The manufacturing plant is on the Precast Concrete Association of New York’s Green Tag Tank Listing and is certified by the National Precast Concrete Association. 716-508-5550;

Roth North America MultiTank
The MultiTank from Roth North America can be used for water cistern, pump, holding, rainwater or septic tank applications. This is possible due to its inner layer of FDA-approved virgin HDPE, two inside layers of polyethylene for improved stability, plus one outer layer of black and UV-stabilized polyethylene. Features include CSA, NSF and IAPMO certification, a COEX-4 multilayer co-extrusion process, a low-profile design that means less digging and avoidance of a high water table, lightweight construction, a multiport inlet/outlet that’s convenient for field piping, the ability to enter and exit the tank on the ends or sides, two 24-inch manways to provide easy access for maintenance and service, a cylindrical shape that requires no water for backfill, a threaded riser system and watertight, seamless construction. 866-943-7256;

Effluent Filters

Anua PuraACE
The PuraACE from Anua is a drop-in-tank reactor pod for treating high-strength waste from restaurants, convenience stores or other facilities. The pods can be added to existing residential or commercial treatment systems that are overloaded. Treatment occurs by a submerged aerated filter process to reduce BOD, COD and ammonia. Built-in passive alkalinity control regulates pH without chemical addition. The pod housing isolates aeration to keep the heavy solids from mixing. The open channel media prevents clogging while the airlift recirculation enhances retention time. Multiple reactor pods can be utilized for larger flows and loads. 336-547-9338;

BioMicrobics SaniTEE
The SaniTEE from BioMicrobics is designed to be an efficient, nonclog effluent screen that deflects solids back into a tank while simultaneously attenuating surge flow. It drops into a standard 4-inch septic tank (for new builds or retrofitted) outlet tee. It is easily cleaned with the CIP (clean-in-place) swab handle with a Buna-N disk fastened to the shaft. To clean, move the swab handle up and down to pass the swab through the center several times to act as a reverse pump to dislodge any debris in the filter or angled slots. No removal or running water is necessary. Solids touching the vertical surface of the screen tend to slough off and fall back into the septic tank. In this way, the device is somewhat self-cleaning. In general, the 4-, 8- and 16-inch device should be for use on conventional and advanced septic systems; and is suitable for all types of commercial (high-strength) wastewater treatment systems. 800-753-3278;

Clarus Environmental WW4
The WW4 effluent filter from Clarus Environmental is mounted in the outflow of the septic tank to provide protection from solids moving out of the tank and into the dispersal area. A secondary screen provides continued protection during servicing. When the primary cartridge is removed to be cleaned, the secondary screen blocks solids from sloughing off and traveling to the dispersal area. After the primary cartridge is cleaned, the secondary screen can be removed and cleaned. It can handle up to 4,000 gpd and can be assembled on site in a multifilter configuration for larger flows. 800-928-7867;

Polylok PL-250
The PL-250 from Polylok can be installed in any 360-degree configuration without any chance of direct bypass. Its design of 250 feet of 1/16-inch filtration will handle flows up to 3,000 gpd. The cartridge is built in a distinctive W-design that will fit a 6-inch tee. It fits on a 4-inch outlet pipe and accepts 1-inch PVC pipe of any length that can be used with or without a 1-inch filter handle to accommodate tanks buried at various depths. The built-in gas deflector deflects suspended solids and stops particles from leaving the septic tank by preventing gas bubbles from rising and carrying tiny solid particles out of the exit port into the leachfield. Installation on the gas deflector simply involves snapping the tee into place and no tools are required. It is certified to NSF/ANSI Standard 46. 888-765-9565;

Sim/Tech Filter pleated filter units
Pleated filter units from Sim/Tech Filter provide gravity effluent filtration in septic tanks and turbine pump filtration in pump tanks. The filtration size is 3/32 inch in two dimensions. Flow channels in the pleated material increase longevity. All filter types start at over 2,000 square inches of filtration area. The 45% open area (over 900 square inches) is equivalent to 800 linear feet of 3/32-inch slots. Various configurations and larger units are available. 888-999-3290;


BrenLin Seal-R
Seal-R septic tank lids from BrenLin create a strong seal between the septic tank and the riser, eliminating water infiltration between the tank and riser. They are made of durable materials, range from 12 to 42 inches and can be personalized with a service provider’s company information. The 42-inch lid meets growing demand for bigger risers to accommodate new technology. 888-606-1998;

Orenco Systems DuraFiber Lids
Orenco Systems 24-inch DuraFiber Lids are made of resin-infused fiberglass fabrics for durability and damage resistance, with breaking strengths in excess of 20,000 pounds. They fit most ribbed PVC and HDPE riser pipe and weigh only 11 pounds. Lids have a flat-style flange, allowing flush-to-grade installation; a cored centering ring, providing an easily aligned, snug fit; and a urethane gasket, helping form a watertight seal. Lids include four 5/16-inch stainless steel flathead screws and a hex wrench. Optional insulation (2 or 4 inch) is available, which can be preinstalled at the factory or installed on site with a hardware kit. The lids have a nonskid surface with customizable center insert (for logos, etc.), along with a molded-in caution statement. 800-348-9843;


Aero-Stream Integral Safety Barrier
The Integral Safety Barrier from Aero-Stream provides added protection from an incidental security breach of the primary septic tank cover. It is included on all Aero-Stream risers and available in heights from 7 to 50 inches in 3-inch increments, with custom heights available up to 96 inches. Its modular design minimizes freight cost and allows 33 unique configurations with 10 SKUs. The tank can be pumped without removal, but the unit can be removed for servicing baffles. It fits 24-inch I.D. double-wall corrugated, ribbed and smooth-wall pipe. The adapter flange is 29 1/2 by 29 1/2 inches, with a 23 1/2-inch I.D. 877-254-7093;

TUF-TITE tank risers
Tank risers from TUF-TITE have internal supports or ledges to reinforce internal plastic safety lids. The ledges will strengthen the company’s plastic internal safety lids or a variety of internal safety devices made by others, such as concrete, fiberglass or rope netting. The riser lids come with the necessary mounting hardware, including safety screws. 800-382-7009;

Vent Pipe Filter

Pagoda Vent 
Vent pipe filters from Pagoda Vent provide septic field microbes with the oxygen they need to thrive. They give concrete tanks gas release to mitigate microbial-induced corrosion and also provide pressure relief for pumps. They provide proper ventilation, while remaining inconspicuous and attractive in the landscape. The premade units are durable, lightweight and will not rust. They encourage a healthy subsurface environment, release gases, and help preserve concrete tanks. An optional odor filter cartridge using a specialized concentrated media offers years of lasting odor control and fits concealed in the device, according to the maker. 888-864-1468; 


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