Product Spotlight - March 2022

Product Spotlight - March 2022

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Ashland Pump knows downtime is not an option for effluent pumps in municipal, commercial or residential applications where they are frequently used and heavily relied on. So the company builds pumps using products and materials its team believes from their years of research and development provide proper function for the long haul. Users will find the same materials used in Ashland’s larger lines on the smaller residential effluent pumps, according to Kim Starkey, the company’s product and marketing manager.

Ashland focuses on keeping temperatures down within the pumps to eliminate overheating and improve overall life span. Each effluent pump is built mostly of cast iron, which Starkey says is a contributing factor for keeping their pumps cool. “We use cast iron housings as a way to help dissipate heat that builds up in the motor,” Starkey says. 

Ashland effluent pumps also utilize a recessed cast iron vortex impeller to move fluids, powered by an oil-filled continuous-duty permanent split capacitor motor. Starkey says motors are chosen because they have low amp draw, creating less heat. 

The effluent series has offerings starting at a 3/10 hp high flow pump up to a 1 1/2 hp pump with six other horsepower offerings in between. All pumps are rated for 3/4-inch solids handling. “We have a pump for almost every residential septic application,” Starkey says. “And we’re currently working on a few additions to the line for more specialty applications.”

Standard build for each pump includes upper and lower ball bearing construction, a stainless steel 416 shaft, carbide/carbon mechanical or carbon/ceramic seals depending on the model, 1-1/2-inch NPT discharge on 3/10 hp models and 2-inch on all other sizes. Automatic pumps use SJE Rhombus switches. 855-281-6830; 


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