Product Spotlight: Polylok Lid-Lok Safety Device

Product Spotlight: Polylok Lid-Lok Safety Device

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Access into septic systems is obviously required for inspection, maintenance and cleaning. However, with this necessity and aboveground access becoming more popular, comes a safety hazard that has led to many unfortunate situations when certain precautions were not taken.   

Covering and securing septic lids in a way to resist tampering by vandals, or accidental entry by children or animals is a smart move and it doesn’t have to be difficult. Home and business owners have become creative over the years finding do-it-yourself options for securing lids, but many don’t actually provide enough to securely lock lids. PolyLok’s Lid-Lok safety device was developed as a sure solution to stop unwanted and accidental entry. 

“We are always looking to create and develop products that make septic systems safer,” says Pat Mulhall, vice president of PolyLok. 

The device is manufactured to cover all screw ports so the only way to access them is removing the entire Lid-Lok. To withstand moisture and weathering over time, the Lid-Lok is constructed of a lightweight and non-corrosive solid aluminum ring and comes with a solid brass Master V-Line lock with two keys.

Polylok’s Lid-Lok safety device is designed for simple installation, and it works on both 20- and 24-inch domed covers. “In the event a state or county wants risers brought to grade if properly installed by a licensed installer, this will bring an additional level of safety to any onsite wastewater system,” Mulhall says.

Mulhall says that while most states and counties do not mandate use of these products, many installers and pumpers are using them regardless. “Currently many states, associations and boards are reviewing the mandatory usage of these products,” he says. “Recently Canada made products such as these made by Polylok as well as other manufacturers mandatory in all new onsite septic applications.”

Installers who employ the Lid-Lok have reported positive feedback to PolyLok saying the product is a simple way to prevent unwanted entry and that homeowners find comfort knowing children and pets can’t accidentally wander into an extremely unfortunate situation. 888-765-9565;


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