Product Spotlight: Singulair HK Green designed for the most environmentally sensitive areas

Product Spotlight: Singulair HK Green designed for the most environmentally sensitive areas

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Norweco engineered the Singulair HK Green with the idea of manufacturing an efficient system that would protect the environment and water resources while achieving high-end treatment results. 

“The Singulair HK Green wastewater treatment system is specified in areas that require significant and consistent reduction of total nitrogen,” says Annette Simon, sales and marketing coordinator for Norweco. “This hybrid system combines both suspended and attached growth biological processes to produce superior effluent results.”

The system consists of pretreatment, anoxic, aeration and clarification chambers, followed by the Bio-Film Reactor. It uses an extended aeration process to treat wastewater and features technology to enhance or optimize denitrification. Wastewater in the system undergoes a 70-hour retention to ensure adequate exposure to all treatment processes.

“The Singulair HK Green utilizes the Singulair mixer, which has been engineered and designed to enhance nitrogen removal,” Simon says. “This component eliminates the need for a recirculation pump and additional system plumbing, which significantly simplifies the installation, operation and maintenance of the system.”

Using a patented non-mechanical flow equalization device, the Singulair HK Green is engineered to treat all incoming wastewater even during heavy use periods before it enters the Bio-Film Reactor with the proprietary attached growth filtration media for final treatment. 

According to Simon, the Singulair HK Green system complies with U.S. Environmental Protection Agency wastewater treatment guidelines for secondary treatment systems, and exceeds all requirements of NSF/ANSI standards 40 and 245. These evaluations indicate the system’s performance can meet or exceed effluent standards for the most ecologically sensitive areas, she says.

Singulair HK Green systems are built from rotationally molded, UV stabilized, high-density polyethylene with a multidirectional ribbed design for added durability. They are designed to be leak-proof, corrosion resistant and weigh roughly 1,275 pounds. 

Every system comes with a Service Pro WASP control center that features a programmable LCD screen, three circuit breakers, a factory preset logic to monitor and control, and mixer operation. Optional telemetry is available. A phone, internet or cellular communication module can be added. 

According to Norweco, the Singulair HK Green provides consistent performance for a full 18 months without service. When service is needed, components can be accessed from grade for added convenience. 800-667-9326; 


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