Product Spotlight: Customers Prompted the Feature Set of New Pro4 Onsite Chamber System

Product Spotlight: Customers Prompted the Feature Set of New Pro4 Onsite Chamber System

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Plastic leaching chambers have become a popular option for many residential and commercial applications seeking the gravel-less route. Prinsco recently launched its version, the Pro4 Onsite Chamber system, largely in part because customers were asking for it.

“For the past 15 years, countless Prinsco customers in the Midwest have asked us to develop a gravel-less leaching chamber alternative,” says Jamie Duininck, CEO of Prinsco. “So we engaged in a comprehensive national market study to better understand the total market size and the customer features and benefits that drive buying decisions.”

Prinsco’s national onsite manager, Blake Johnston, says the project team’s decades of industry experience and countless interviews with stakeholders went into the design process, resulting in an injection-molded polymer chamber manufactured to be used in trenches and bed applications.

“A key design feature of the Pro4 is the asymmetrical arch that creates a flatter surface to walk on, increased sidewall height for greater infiltration and increased storage volume that helps accommodate peak flows,” Johnston says. “The Pro4 was specifically designed for professional contractors who are looking for ease of installation, durability and application flexibility, while maximizing drainfield infiltration area.”

The Pro4 supports gravity, front, side and top inletting elevations and accommodates 1 1/4- to 2-inch diameter pipes installed at grade or suspended for pressure dosing. A provision for a 4-inch inspection port is also molded in at each chamber-to-chamber and chamber-to-endcap connection.

The Pro4/36 is the first in a full line of Pro4 chambers, measuring 48 inches long, 34 inches wide and 12 inches tall, requiring a trench width of 36 inches and allows 51 gallons of storage. They are joined together using the molded interlocking couplers that also accept the Pro4 Endcap. Endcaps measure 13-inches long, 29-inches wide and 12-inches tall. Couplers are fixed to each unit and offer 10-degree articulation in multiple directions for contoured applications. 

Chamber louvers measure 8.5 inches tall, and the open bottom provides 9.8 square feet of surface area.

Johnston says feedback from early users has been encouraging. “We received positive product design feedback from installers, designers and distributors on the Pro4 features, such as the asymmetrical arch, refined louver design and versatile endcap,” he says. “That really validated that the Pro4 is a welcomed new choice for onsite professionals.” 320-222-6800;


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