Product Focus: Large Scale and Commercial Treatment Systems

Product Focus: Large Scale and Commercial Treatment Systems
Eljen Corporation

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Eljen Geotextile Sand Filter

The GSF, or Geotextile Sand Filter, advanced wastewater treatment and dispersal system from Eljen is designed to provide treatment and dispersal in the same footprint with easy installation and minimal maintenance. This product is used for commercial and residential applications. Utilizing a two-stage pretreatment process, the geotextile modules apply filtered septic tank effluent to the soil, increasing the soil’s ability to accept the effluent and increase the long-term acceptance rate. Its design provides increased surface area for biological treatment that greatly exceeds the module’s absorption area. Open-air channels within the module support aerobic bacterial growth on the module’s geotextile fabric interface, surpassing the surface area required for traditional absorption systems, according to the maker. The system is tested and certified by NSF to NSF/ANSI Standard 40. 800-444-1359;

SeptiTech STAAR filter systems

SeptiTech STAAR (Smart Trickling Anaerobic/Aerobic Recirculating) filter systems are designed for residential and commercial properties with minimal operator oversight, while delivering consistent treatment during peak, low or intermittent flows. Using an unsaturated, engineered textile media to treat wastewater that meets strict permit limits, the commercial filter system provides a simple, automatic equalization and clarification process for 500 to more than 150,000 gpd flows, according to the maker. The biological trickling filter technology also maintains low levels of Nitrate-N, with all below-grade components that fit in watertight concrete, plastic or fiberglass tanks. Smart technology allows the system to go into sleep mode for lower operating costs and power requirements. Systems are ETV-EPA verified and NSF/ANSI Standard 40/245 certified. 800-753-3278;

Commercial Treatment Systems

Eliminite Commercial C-Series

The Commercial C-Series system from Eliminite is designed to provide reliable treatment with emphasis on total nitrogen reduction for high-strength waste applications such as worker camps, RV parks, restaurants, ski and golf resorts, breweries, mines and agricultural operations. It may be used with locally sourced tanks and components. MetaRocks treatment media is designed to withstand a variety of high-strength waste-loading scenarios, particularly where clogging and odor control are major considerations. The system is scalable and may be adapted to suit specific phasing requirements, site constraints and unique demands. 888-406-2289;

Orenco AdvanTex AX-Max 

AdvanTex AX-Max wastewater treatment systems from Orenco are containerized, fully plumbed units sized for larger commercial and municipal applications. Units come in a variety of configurations, measuring up to 42 feet long by 8.5 feet wide. Systems can be installed in single or multi-unit arrays, either above ground or buried to grade. They use an attached-growth treatment method to produce clear effluent with significant nutrient reduction, suitable for reuse or surface discharge after disinfection (per local regulations). One unit can process up to 5,000 gpd of raw sewage or 15,000 gpd of primary-treated effluent. Units reduce nitrogen to 90% or more, depending on configuration, and provide reliable performance with a part-time operator. Units are easy to ship and set, and have been installed in a variety of soils and climates. 800-348-9843;

Waterloo Biofilter Communal Package Plant

The Waterloo Biofilter Communal Package Plant is an efficient, low-maintenance absorbent trickle filter, according to the maker. The synthetic filter medium is designed to optimize physical properties for low energy, long-term operation and no aerobic sludge production. Self-contained modules for communal sizes are available as 5,283 and 10,567 gpd ISO shipping container units. These SC-20 and SC-40 units are sized to handle 12 and 25 three-bedroom houses respectively. They include remote monitoring and are shipped to locations around the world. They are customizable, modular and come pre-assembled to reduce installation time and complexity. Their non-biodegradable permanent filter media is designed to last at least 20 years. 519-856-0757;

Control Panels

Jet Inc. Model 197

The Model 197 control panel from Jet Inc. monitors the operation of the Jet Inc. treatment system aerator and additional components. It can monitor single- or dual-aeration systems with selectable high- and low-amperage monitor settings. The panels have dedicated alarm and control circuits with separate power circuits for aeration devices. In addition to the aerator control circuits, the panel contains three auxiliary 120-volt output circuits for external device control relays. They include three low-voltage auxiliary input circuits selectable for N/O or N/C alarm inputs. An integrated pump power control relay is automatically disabled in an auxiliary device alarm condition. A signal array includes a power indicator LED and four equipment alarm indicator LEDs. 800-321-6960;

SJE Rhombus Model 32S

The Model 32S control panel from SJE Rhombus is designed to alternately control two three-phase pumps in industrial and commercial water and sewage systems using the DPC-4F Pump Control Four Float Controller for pump sequence, alternation, selection, lag pump delay time, and alarm. If a high-water alarm condition occurs, the high-water alarm float activates the audible/visual alarm system along with auxiliary contacts for remote alarm. Common applications include lift stations and pump chambers. Models are available with intrinsically safe relay for circuit extension into hazardous locations. It is UL/cUL Listed. 888-342-5753;

SPI 50B019-120-240DD

The 50B019-120-240DD control panel from SPI is a duplex timed-dosing panel for residential or commercial applications. It can be used with 120- or 240-volt power, and accommodates two dosing pumps controlled by a repeat-cycle timer. It has a durable, weather-resistant, NEMA 4X polycarbonate enclosure with SST latches; large, easy-to-access terminal block; circuit breakers for the pumps and control circuits; a rugged, externally mounted, UV-resistant alarm light; audible alarm and run-mute-test switch with UV-resistant sealing boot; definite purpose motor contactors; alternating relay; and pump hand-off-auto switches. Compressor hookups are available. Wiring schematic and detailed connection diagrams are provided, as well as mounting feet for the enclosure. It is UL listed. 419-282-5933;

Filter Media

E-Z Treat

The E-Z Treat recirculating synthetic media filter compliments multiple applications of flows from 100 to 100,000 gpd. It is engineered for a variety of wastewater solutions, including single and multifamily residences, RV parks, campgrounds, schools, churches, restaurants and convenience stores. It was developed by direction of the U.S. EPA’s Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems Technology manual for advanced secondary treatment. This technology is NSF 40/245/350 tested and approved. It is a simple, self-contained system that includes one or more units, a recirculation pump, control panel, floats and a bypass valve. 703-753-4770;

Nitrogen Reduction Systems

BioMicrobics HighStrengthFAST

HighStrengthFAST wastewater treatment systems from BioMicrobics are scalable wastewater solutions for commercial properties of all sizes. They are engineered to treat wastewater containing high BOD concentrations and often having higher FOG levels than standard sanitary-strength sewage. Models are available to treat 900 to 9,000 gpd and are designed for extreme environments such as specialty food/beverage/agriculture applications. 800-753-3278;

Norweco Singulair HK Green

The Singulair HK Green wastewater treatment system from Norweco is designed for areas requiring significant and consistent reduction of total nitrogen. The hybrid system combines suspended and attached growth biological processes, and consists of pretreatment, anoxic, aeration and clarification chambers, followed by the Bio-Film Reactor. It uses an extended aeration process to treat wastewater and features technology to enhance or optimize denitrification. Wastewater in the system undergoes a 70-hour retention to ensure adequate exposure to all treatment processes. 800-667-9326;


Crane Pumps & Systems Barnes RAZOR

The 2 hp Barnes RAZOR grinder pump from Crane Pumps & Systems is suitable for light commercial and residential solids-handling applications, according to the maker. It is designed with axial cutting technology to reduce solids like flushable wipes, diapers and other nonbiodegradable items. A single tool is needed for disassembly. The plug-and-play cord also provides easy servicing without requiring removal of epoxy in the conduit. Its 1.25-inch discharge is suitable for preconfigured packaged systems and turnkey solutions. It is available in the Barnes EcoTRAN Pressure Sewer System for grinding in tough terrain. Numerous configuration options are available. 937-778-8947;

Franklin Electric FPS NCX Series

The NCX Series of explosion-proof submersible non-clog pumps from FPS, a brand of Franklin Electric, are certified for use in Class 1, Division 1 and Group C and D hazardous location requirements for municipal markets as well as any commercial or industrial application that requires an explosion-proof rating. The pumps are available in single- and three-phase power options to accommodate flows up to 625 gpm. Each unit is designed for serviceability and reliability with features including a field-adjustable wear plate, factory-standard dual-silicon carbide mechanical seals and chemical-resistant components. 866-271-2859;

Hiblow USA rebuild kits

Hiblow USA HP-60/80 rebuild kits have logos on both the diaphragms and the casing blocks. Parts with the logo are authentic and genuine factory certified. In the future, all diaphragms will have the logo to mark the authenticity of the rebuild kit. The HP-100/120 kits with logos are next and will be in circulation sometime in 2023. The company recommends rebuilding the pump two times before buying a new one. Rebuilds with authentic parts should extend the life of the pump for years. 734-944-5032;

Liberty Pumps ProVore 

The ProVore grinder from Liberty Pumps is designed for use in applications where addition of a bathroom or other fixtures below sewer lines requires pumping. It has the same V-Slice cutter technology used in the Omnivore Series. Powered by a 1 hp motor, this smaller grinder is designed to operate on a standard 115- or 230-volt circuit, requiring only a 20-amp breaker. No special wiring is needed. The pump comes with a 2-inch vertical-style discharge and a standard leg pattern matching the LE Series. This allows for easy retrofit into existing systems. Compact factory-assembled systems are available in simplex and duplex versions: the ProVore 380 and ProVore 680. 800-543-2550;

Polylok PL-CPE4A

The Polylok PL-CPE4A is a submersible, 4/10 hp, 115-volt, single-phase effluent pump with a 2-inch NPT vertical discharge. It has a maximum head of 38 feet and a maximum flow of 56 gpm. The pump is designed with a 3,450 rpm oil-filled permanent split-capacitor motor and has an amp rating of 6.6 for 115 volts, a rugged cast iron housing and volute equipped with a cast iron vortex impeller capable of passing 3/4-inch-diameter solids. The stainless steel shaft is supported by two single-row, oil-lubricated ball bearings. The shaft seal is an inboard design with a secondary Exclusion V seal. It has a 20-foot UL/CSA-listed power cable suitable for submersible service and fitted with a three-prong plug. The unit is supplied with an integrated clip for the included piggyback mechanical float switch and used for automatic operation. 888-765-9565;

Wastewater Reuse System

Anua AiraSymBIO

AiraSymBIO from Anua is an onsite, closed-loop odor treatment system that filters and then treats raw wastewater for use as the irrigation water in the multistage biological odor treatment system. The system utilizes a water resource already present, thus reducing operating costs, uses no freshwater, and allows the biological odor control system to function as intended, as many areas around the country do not have potable water available at the lift or pump station site or have water conservation initiatives in place, which prohibits the use of biological treatment technologies. 346-225-8033;


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