Product Spotlight: Effluent pump line designed for durability

Product Spotlight: Effluent pump line designed for durability

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Longevity is always the goal when choosing integral components for septic systems, and according to Goulds Water Technology, a Xylem brand, their customers report Blaster Filtered Effluent Pumps maintain performance over long periods of time.

The series is designed specifically for pumping filtered effluent from processed septic systems and also for spray irrigation, drip systems and mound systems. When engineering the pump to fit their standards of durability and performance, the company chose to manufacture the series from material they felt would stand the test of time.

The discharge head is engineered from a composite material that, according to Goulds, provides strength while remaining corrosion resistant, and each one has molded loops for safety lines. Blaster pumps also come standard with a composite motor adapter that ensures proper alignment of the liquid end to the motor.

The pumps were also designed for easy removal of the motor for maintenance by providing easy access to mounting nuts with an open-end wrench. “The built-in check valve screws into the discharge head from the top, which is easily removed for drain-back systems or replacement without disassembling the pump,” says Joe Steinberg, assistant product line manager at Xylem.

Blaster impellers and diffusers are constructed of glass-filled polycarbonate or Noryl engineered composites and all metal components of the pump are stainless steel, AISI types 301 and 304. “The unique flat wear ring design on the bottom of the impellers allows for solids to pass through the pump, which helps to maintain pump performance and long life,” Steinberg says. 

The Effluent Blaster line is available in several sizes covering a range of 1.5 through 80 gpm at 7 psi through 175 psi. “The choice of pump is based on the gallons per minute and total dynamic head needed for the particular effluent or irrigation system,” Steinberg says. “Our network of professional installers are well versed in sizing these systems and happy to help.”

The Effluent Blasters are also manufactured with various stage offerings. “The stages in each size pump generate a certain amount of pressure and flow per stage,” Steinberg says. “That gives it the strength to pump the desired amount of water at the desired pressure for the system.” 866-325-4210;


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