Product Focus: Advanced Treatment Units

Product Focus: Advanced Treatment Units
Eljen Corporation

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Advanced Treatment Units

Eljen Geotextile Sand Filter

The GSF, or Geotextile Sand Filter system from Eljen, is designed to provide treatment and dispersal in the same footprint with easy installation and minimal maintenance. It is used for commercial and residential applications. Utilizing a two-stage pretreatment process, the geotextile modules apply filtered septic tank effluent to the soil, increasing the soil’s ability to accept effluent and increase the long-term acceptance rate. Its design provides increased surface area for biological treatment that greatly exceeds the module’s absorption area. Open-air channels within the module support aerobic bacterial growth on the module’s geotextile fabric interface, surpassing the surface area required for traditional absorption systems. The system is tested and certified by NSF to NSF/ANSI Standard 40. 800-444-1359;

MicroSepTec EnviroServer ES

The MicroSepTec EnviroServer ES series utilizes five chambers to achieve primary settling, treatment and clarification in one tank. The units use a moving-bed biological reactor made for the residential market. The first compartment is the primary clarifier for settling sludge and solids. The second houses the first of two aeration chambers and contains bio-media providing surface area to promote a healthy population of microorganisms. The third compartment is used for further aeration to amplify the growth of nitrifying bacteria and the process of nitrification. The fourth chamber is the final clarifier where suspended solids settle out. Wastewater is then recirculated back to the primary clarifier in the first compartment, which contains enough carbon to promote denitrification removing high levels of nitrate. Clarified water then moves through an effluent filter before entering the fifth compartment, an effluent chamber for storage. 877-473-7842;

High-Strength Wastewater Treatment

Anua PuraACE

The PuraACE from Anua is a drop-in-tank reactor pod for treating high-strength waste from restaurants, convenience stores or other facilities. The pods can be added to residential or commercial treatment systems that are overloaded. Treatment occurs by a submerged aerated filter process to reduce BOD, COD and ammonia. Built-in passive alkalinity control regulates pH without chemical addition. The pod housing isolates aeration to keep the heavy solids from mixing. The open channel media prevents clogging while the airlift recirculation enhances retention time. Multiple pods can be utilized for larger flows and loads. 336-547-9338;

Eliminite Commercial C-Series

The Commercial C-Series system from Eliminite is designed to provide reliable treatment with emphasis on total nitrogen reduction for high-strength waste applications such as worker camps, RV parks, restaurants, ski and golf resorts, breweries, mines and agricultural operations. It may be used with locally sourced tanks and components. MetaRocks treatment media is designed to withstand a variety of high-strength waste-loading scenarios, particularly where clogging and odor control are major considerations. The system is scalable and may be adapted to suit specific phasing requirements, site constraints and unique demands. 888-406-2289;

Nitrogen Reduction Systems

Jet Inc. J-1500CF Series

The J-1500CF Series nitrogen-reducing BAT media plant from Jet Inc. offers variable capacity in a NSF 245-tested treatment system. It provides complete effluent treatment from 500 to 1,500 gpd. The 500 and 800 gpd PLT Series tanks are the lightweight, rotational molded alternative to the concrete J-1500CF Series. The seamless polyethylene tanks are easy to transport and install in difficult site conditions. The system uses a 700++ aerator, effluent filter and the Jet 197 control panel, which cycles the aerator to reduce the nitrogen by over 60%. 800-321-6960;

Recirculating Filters

E-Z Treat Re-Circulating Synthetic Media Filter

E-Z Treat manufactures NSF 350 water treatment reuse applications throughout the United States. The biological-based treatment system Re-Circulating Synthetic Media Filter produces high-quality effluent to accommodate a wide variety of flows for residential and commercial sites, whether subsurface or surface discharge. 703-753-4770;

UV Disinfection

Polylok PL-UV1 UV Disinfection Unit

The PL-UV1 UV Disinfection Unit from Polylok reduces bacteria levels from secondary effluent to meet strict water quality standards. Components of the compact unit are engineered and constructed to provide reliable disinfection and long operational life, according to the manufacturer. It has a dual-pass design, a long-life UV bulb, weatherproof electrical components and no chemical residual or harmful byproducts. It is easy to install and operate and uses little electricity. Rates for gravity flow only are 100 through 8,640 gpd, with 100 through 4,320 gpd with 30 mg/L BOD and 30 mg/L SS, and 4,321 to 8,640 gpd with 10 mg/L BOD and 10 mg/L SS. It offers a UV dose greater than 40,000 microwatt-seconds per square cm at 254 nanometers, with transmissivity of 65%. 888-765-9565;

Water/Wastewater Reuse Systems

BioMicrobics BioBarrier

BioMicrobics BioBarrier is an MBR designed to meet stringent wastewater treatment requirements for BOD, TSS and TN. Depending on local regulations, the system may be used for water reuse, such as for flushing toilets. The system may also drastically reduce the size of the drainfield. It received NSF/ANSI certifications for onsite wastewater treatment (Standard 40, class I), for nitrogen reduction (Standard 245) and for water reuse (Standard 350). Residential models treat 500 to 3,000 gpd. 800-753-3278;

Norweco Singulair Green

Norweco’s Singulair Green with optional 520-gallon integrated pump tank offers an easy-to-install, all-in-one system for situations that require a downstream pump tank. The system with optional pump chamber returns clean, highly treated effluent to the environment. 800-667-9326;


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