Product News - October 2023

Product News - October 2023

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Franklin Electric FE Connect app

Franklin Electric added to its FE Connect app designed to help professionals quickly set up and service Franklin Electric products equipped with wireless connectivity. The app supports some of the company’s variable frequency drives, including SubDrive Connect, SubDrive Connect Plus, SubMonitor Connect and select configurations of Cerus X-Drive. The app offers an array of startup, monitoring and troubleshooting solutions, including in-app guidance when setting up products, access to over-the-air firmware updates for effortless upgrades, and visibility into real-time product status. Engineers and water system professionals can also create and manage templates to easily save and load configurations across installations. The app helps preserve VFD integrity, allowing users to perform tasks and troubleshoot with minimal hands-on interaction with the drive. 866-271-2859; 

SJE Rhombus SJE VerticalMaster 3 Plus pump switch

The SJE VerticalMaster 3 Plus mechanically-activated pump switch  from SJE Rhombus is designed for direct control of pumps up to 1/2 hp at 120 volts AC and 1 hp at 230 volts AC in nonpotable water and sewage applications. The vertical design makes this a perfect fit for limited space applications, including small sump chambers, laundry trays and effluent, as well as in large tanks. SJE Rhombus has incorporated many features from the original version, as well as some new features, including redesigned compact float housing for improved buoyancy, increased contact force, and an easily adjustable plastic clip. A cable entry design helps prevent moisture ingress, and it has been; life cycle tested to over 1 million cycles. 218-847-1317;

Geoflow WaterflowECO drip tubing line

Geoflow’s WaterflowECO subsurface drip irrigation tubing for wastewater and non-potable water applications was developed to provide a more complete line of products for the wastewater market. WaterflowECO is made in the U.S. and has 0.67-inch tubing which incorporates Geoshield, an antimicrobial lining that stops bio slime buildup. It is purple tubing with flat emitters, which are available in flow rates of 0.4, 0.6 and 1.0 gph. 800-828-3388;


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