Product Spotlight: Pod system utilizes coconut fiber media to suit small commercial systems

Product Spotlight: Pod system utilizes coconut fiber media to suit small commercial systems

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Colin Bishop, chief executive officer for Anua International, says small commercial system demand is increasing, regulations are becoming more stringent and customers are looking for portable solutions for remote areas. In response, the team at Anua came up with the Synergy BioCoir QuadMod, a unit built with a focus on the small commercial market.

“They fill the gap for any small commercial application, whether permanent or mobile,” Bishop says. “BioCoir provides enhanced nitrogen reduction, which is required more and more.”

BioCoir systems are a recirculating media biofilter that utilize coconut coir housed in a preassembled pod. “Coir refers to the fibers that make up the thick husk of the coconut fruit,” Bishop says. “Coconut fiber is low cost, an upcycled resource and high in lignin content, which results in a durable material.”

Pretreated effluent is time-dosed over the coir media using helical spray nozzles for uniform distribution. After passing through the media, effluent travels to the bottom of the pod and the flow is split, with 80% returning back into the treatment stream and 20% to the final dispersal point.

“The treatment process cannot be bypassed,” Bishop says. “It’s certified to NSF/ANSI Standard 40, Class I and third-party nitrogen reduction greater than 50%.”

QuadMods are designed for both burial and portability by featuring an I-beam steel frame that allows the unit to be picked up and moved many times. The frame is heavy enough to also serve as an anti-buoyancy anchor for permanent installations.

Measuring just over 19 feet long, 7.38 feet wide and 3.42 feet tall, QuadMod systems are designed to fit in standard shipping containers, so they can be transported worldwide. Total weight is roughly 8,500 pounds.

Bishop says media filters are also useful for intermittent use applications and highly variable flow applications, making them an option for remote sites or seasonal use. He also says they are built with installers in mind. “The preassembled unit is designed to save the installer and service provider time,” he says. “We try to make it easy for them to do their job.” 336-547-9338;  


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