Product Spotlight: Media accelerates treatment in poor soil conditions

Product Spotlight: Media accelerates treatment in poor soil conditions

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When soils are degraded or not suitable for adequate drainage and treatment, an extra boost is needed from the septic system. Inside every Jet Inc. residential treatment system is Jet Inc. BAT Media, which stands for Biologically Accelerated Treatment.

Almost 70 years ago, Jet Inc. noticed an explosion of suburban homebuilding, and many properties being developed had less-than-perfect soil. The realization allowed them to see that aerobic treatment of effluent from a septic tank would preserve the soil structure and allow for increased life of the drainfield.

“The Jet Inc. BAT Media systems reduce waste strength, BOD, TSS and TN allowing for the installation of systems where the soils are marginal or lot size is smaller,” says Ed Schloss, sales manager for Jet Inc.

The Jet Inc. BAT Media is located in the center of every residential treatment system Jet Inc. offers. The system’s pretreatment compartment allows for initial settling and treatment by an anaerobic process.

“The partially treated influent passes into the treatment compartment where the Jet aerator hydraulically mixes the mixed liquor with high levels of dissolved oxygen,” Schloss says. “The complex biofilms on the BAT Media filter digest and convert the TN to nitrogen gas. The treated effluent then exits through an up flow design clarifier for its final treatment.”

According to Schloss, the end result is effluent that is up to 98% cleaner than when it came in and the reduction of TN is over 65%.

“The system utilizes a hollow shaft motor with specially designed aspirator tip to deliver oxygen by vacuum that allows for biofilm to develop,” Schloss says. “Their unique hydraulic circulation of the mixed liquor through the media provides filtration, digestion and conversion of TN to nitrogen gas.”

Jet’s smallest system with integral pretreatment compartment will treat up to 500 gpd and the 1,500 gpd system with a separate, two compartment tank preceding it is ideal for the largest homes or small commercial applications. “The larger systems can also be combined to create a hybrid system,” Schloss says.

Other options include 750, 1,000 and 1,250 gpd systems. According to Schloss, installers appreciate the simplicity of the system, reporting that the Jet BAT Media system is easy to install, easy to maintain and produces high-quality effluent. 800-321-6960; 


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