Product Spotlight: Distribution box regulates effluent dispersal

Product Spotlight: Distribution box regulates effluent dispersal

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When areas of the septic system receive more wastewater than others, they can become overloaded and clog prematurely. Premier Tech set out to design a system that optimizes distribution to help onsite systems reach their full potential life span.

“As we were deep in the development process of our own soil absorption system, we recognized that we needed a way to optimize distribution to maximize our system’s performance and life span,” says Kyle Dierolf, product manager. “We had three objectives: make it easy to assemble, less costly to produce, and minimize its environmental impact.”

After going through several different versions during the research and development phase, the Premier Tech team arrived at a solution that combined dosing and distribution through simple physics. “The result is the Rewatec two-in-one distribution box system that sends measured doses of wastewater without any electromechanical parts,” says Dierolf.

As effluent accumulates in the unit, a floating plate rises. Once the unit reaches capacity, the floating plate begins to lower and effluent flushes through its central aperture into the distribution chamber. The floating plate stops at a preset level and prevents further effluent from entering the chamber. 

“The design allows individual doses to carry more velocity,” says Dierolf. “This pushes wastewater to reach the back of soil absorption system laterals as well as the front.” 

The device is designed to be adjustable, catering to specific system parameters. The floating plate’s pre-set level is adjustable and the amount of effluent entering the distribution chamber can be dosed from 12 to 18 gallons. A single distribution box can have up to five outlets, and each outlet can be equipped with flow levelers.

Premier Tech designed the Rewatec dosing distribution box to be an alternative to boxes in which the dose and flow cannot be calibrated. It can be used in any residential or commercial system where wastewater has to be applied on a treatment surface, such as sand filters or drainfields. 

“The Rewatec dosing distribution box is best used with any gravity-based septic system that benefits from optimizing distribution,” says Dierolf. “It also pairs perfectly with any combined treatment and dispersal system.”

Engineered to be light and easy to work with, its doses and the number of outlets are both adjustable, and its outlets can be equipped with flow levelers to further optimize dosing. The box measures 35 inches wide, 64 inches long and 24 inches high and is made using only plastic. 800-632-6356;  


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