Case Study: Distribution Equipment and Systems

Water pump system designed to meet future expansion needs

Case Study: Distribution Equipment and Systems

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Problem: A developer with a 250-unit apartment complex in northeastern Washington required a wastewater pump station to address present needs, while providing expansion possibilities for future flows. The wastewater lift station had to be designed for integration into a shared force main with another lift station and several grinder systems. The design had to consider the existing wastewater infrastructure, while anticipating future pressures, ultimate flows and additional development. Developing a now-and-then pump system on these project-specific guidelines required accurate data and engineering to produce the best possible outcome.

Solution: Romtec Utilities coordinated with the developer and consulting engineer to design and configure the wastewater pump station. A pressure data logger was installed at the force main’s connection point to get accurate readings for the current high and low pressures that the lift station was pumping. The existing system was evaluated, and the data was gathered and used to develop a triplex system design and pump sizing.

Result: To satisfy the end owner and reduce developer costs, components and interim pumps were supplied for the initial phase, while also ensuring that the wastewater lift station is scalable for continuing development. 541-496-3541; 


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