Product Spotlight: Software helps installers tackle system design

Product Spotlight: Software helps installers tackle system design

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Traverse PC connected with the septic design industry around 2008 when system designers were required to submit a site plan for project approval. They saw the opportunity to help bridge the gap between septic designers and the need to deliver professional drawings.

“Traverse PC was designed to fast track the data to drafting processes for land surveyors,” says John Balcom, owner of Traverse PC. “In the past, installers needed to learn basic surveying methods like angles and distances to locate site features. Today, the Global Navigation Satellite System has removed that hurdle.”

TPC is designed so installers with a basic understanding of point positions can operate any of their GNSS receivers. Once learned, Traverse PC is a turnkey software solution to locating features, developing and submitting a site plan, and locating and staking out design elements. When purchased, the software download is emailed to the installer.

The software can be used to define areas with GPS, bearing and distance, and total station. It can create buffers and setbacks, automatically dimension and label boundaries and comes with hundreds of line types symbols, fonts and hatch patterns. Completed drawings can be exported as PDF, PNG, CAD, GIS or physically printed.

The company understands that not everyone can fire up the software and automatically know how to use it. “We don’t shy away from the fact that our program has a learning curve and may take a few days to master,” Balcom says. “With the aid of our Learning Center, TPC software can be mastered in a weekend.

“We have worked hard to provide practical guidance including video instructions, demos, and a detail-oriented online user’s manual. Once installers get the gist of the program, their workflow times will be shorter and their deliverables will be happily received.”

According to Balcom, Traverse PC has recently teamed up with Emlid to offer a small line of GPS/GNSS receivers. TPC’s GNSS bundles utilize Android or iOS devices for field work, works with points on top of a street or terrain map and integrates office and fieldwork via the cloud. 800-460-3002; 


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