Water and Wastewater: No Industry is More Essential

We have always known you’re essential, and we are thankful and supportive as you continue your work during this uncertain time

Water and Wastewater: No Industry is More Essential

In its response to the corona virus pandemic, the federal government earlier this month identified you as essential critical infrastructure workers. At COLE Publishing, we’ve always known you’re essential. That’s why we’re here.

Since this company was founded in 1979, we have been shining a light on the water and wastewater industries, showing the recognition and appreciation you and your work deserve.

The country could not function without the dedication of our workforce to ensure the treatment and safe recycling of wastewater for nearly one-third of U.S. residents who rely on septic systems. And industry manufacturers are constantly introducing new technologies to better protect groundwater supplies and pristine waterways.

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security is calling on critical infrastructure industries — including onsite system installers and maintainers — to continue providing essential services during the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Through an announcement by President Donald Trump, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency shared this guidance:

“If you work in a critical infrastructure industry, as defined by the Department of Homeland Security, such as health care services and pharmaceutical and food supply, you have a special responsibility to maintain your normal work schedule.”

CISA distributed a list of “essential critical infrastructure workers” covered, clearly including private wastewater-related service companies and the manufacturers that provide necessary supplies. CISA released a document this week, “Guidance on the Essential Critical Infrastructure Workforce: Ensuring Community and National Resilience in COVID-19 Response.”

The Homeland Security memorandum recognizes the important role decentralized wastewater professionals play in promoting public health during a crisis.

The CISA document spells out the importance of infrastructure workers continuing to provide their crucial services. As many states enforce shelter-in-place or other safety measures aimed at protecting the public, Homeland Security reminds infrastructure workers to coordinate with state and local officials to continue to deliver services. 

“All decisions should appropriately balance public safety while ensuring the continued delivery of critical infrastructure services and functions,” CISA announces.

Thank you for continuing to answer the call when members of the public have a wastewater emergency. You are on the front lines of the public health system, and we urge you to take all necessary precautions to work safely and efficiently during the pandemic response.

Below is the complete memorandum and infrastructure guidance document released this week by the federal government:

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