Benefits of Belonging to a State Association

Benefits of Belonging to a State Association
The association has seen an increase in website traffic since the billboards went up about three months ago.

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Education. Legislative advocacy. Group discounts. All benefits of belonging to a state onsite/wastewater association, but that’s just a start.

Membership in onsite organizations keeps you connected to a community of professionals and serves as a forum for the exchange of ideas and information among private industry professionals, government policymakers and regulators. 

Here 12 members of various state and province associations share why they joined and how they benefit from membership.

The biggest thing is the installer certification. Most of the county health departments either recognize that certification or require it. Having that certification means I don’t have to take local tests or register with all the different counties. I just send them my certificate. Also valuable is the networking we get in the association.
–Andrew McAfee, L.A. Brown Inc., Bluffton, Indiana

The main benefits of membership in LILWA (Long Island Liquid Waste Association) are being able to share ideas and experiences with fellow members. And it gives us a voice with local officials on rules and regulations that affect our industry.
–Emil “Skip” Norsic Jr., Emil Norsic & Son Inc., Southampton, New York


Keeping educated and current on regulations and products is one of the main benefits. It also puts us in contact with homeowners as we answer their questions and educate the public on what happens in a septic system and what are the do’s and don’ts. We also work with legislators.
–Kelly Tucker, Anderson Bros. Electric, Plumbing, & Heating Inc., Kearney, Nebraska


These associations provide lobbying efforts with legislators and keep members informed of changes and new trends in the industry. 
– Chris Hodge, B Clean, Laurel, Mississippi 


WCOWMA (Western Canada Onsite Wastewater Management Association) advocates on behalf of wastewater industry professionals in British Columbia. It is crucial for wastewater professionals to know someone has their back. I always learn so much at their annual trade show and am grateful for this always well-run event.
–Joe Karthein, Sentinel Excavating, Balfour, British Columbia

I really enjoy being able to help people. We have installers who need help with disputes with a permitting authority and authorities who need help with a homeowner or with installer-maintenance provider issues. Being on the TOWA (Texas On-Site Wastewater Association) board helps me stay on top of the latest rule changes so I can share this information where it needs to go. 
–Vonda (Sissy) Bob, South Texas Aerobics, Caldwell, Texas


Benefits include having legislative representation, staying at the forefront of laws affecting our industry, education and continuing education hours, the annual conference with lots of great classes, other training throughout the year, and networking to learn from colleagues and regulators.
–Todd Stair, Herr Construction, Oconomowoc, Wisconsin

The association helps professionalize the wastewater industry. We offer a practitioner training program that is recognized in the western provinces, and we offer education days to promote good practices. SOWMA (Saskatchewan Onsite Wastewater Management Association) has been a strong influencer in the industry for protecting groundwater aquifers by promoting wastewater treatment instead of wastewater disposal.
–Travis Wolfe, Anderson Pump House, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

I have met some amazing people with some brilliant ideas. This has taught me tricks, made partnerships and allowed me to see things outside my bubble. I have learned many ways to improve my practices while also helping others do the same. Additionally, knowing what is happening and having a voice with legislation and regulations has made a huge impact in my organizations.
–Justin Wells, Best Septic, Eugene, Oregon

Networking and education are the two big ones. I’m one of the people doing some of the initial training and testing. I’ve hosted some portions of continuing education classes at my facility.
–Chris Gulley, Gulley Septic Services and Gulley Construction, Stevenson, Alabama


Education and training, assisting others in the onsite wastewater industry, and the annual convention, which is a great event.
–Danielle Ward, Adams Brothers Construction, Parry Sound, Ontario

AzOWRA (Arizona Onsite Wastewater Recycling Association) provides camaraderie; statewide connections within the industry; access to educational events, training and general good times; and it’s great to have colleagues whose expertise, knowledge and positions run the entire spectrum of the water and wastewater world. If you’re not active with your state’s professional groups, you are really missing out on vital opportunities.
–Dave Bartholomew, Bartholomew Water Services, Inc., Phoenix, Arizona


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