Product News: October 2022

Check out the latest product offerings for the onsite wastewater treatment industry

Product News: October 2022

Franklin Electric SubDrive QuickPAKs

Franklin Electric’s new SubDrive QuickPAK solutions are for water system installers looking to deliver reliable constant water pressure while maximizing efficiency. The QuickPAKs are powered by a 4-inch MagForce high-efficiency motor for jobs requiring up to 5 hp. They feature a Franklin Electric motor, pump and drive in one package for operational compatibility and optimized operation. They are used for residential water systems, irrigation, constant pressure-boosting or geothermal systems. The assembly is compact and lightweight. A 5 hp unit is 7 inches shorter and 18 pounds lighter than a standard induction motor. That aids groundwater professionals with ease of transport and installation. The predetermined motor, pump and drive combination choices match a variety of flow and total dynamic head requirements, ranging from 7 to 90 gpm. 866-271-2859;


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