The Most-Read Articles of 2022

The Most-Read Articles of 2022

An SR210 skid-steer from Case Construction Equipment dumps material on a job site. (Photo courtesy of Case Construction Equipment)

As the end of the year approaches, here’s a recap of some of the top stories on If you missed any of these, now is your chance to catch up. 

Enjoy this look back at 2022.

#10. 6 Things to Consider When Acquiring a Skid-Steer
If you need a skid-steer on a certain job, is it best to rent, lease or buy? Consider these questions before making a decision.

#9. An Overview of Onsite System Site Plans for Installers
Every installation should begin with a careful review of the plan, and installers need to know what is required in the relevant jurisdiction.

#8. Staying Prepared for an OSHA Job Site Visit
Don’t be caught off guard when your safety practices get put under a microscope.

#7. A Solution for Sewer Flies
When a homeowner complains about sewer flies, here’s how to locate breeding spots and eliminate them.

#6. How Long Can or Should a Gravity Trench Be?
Many regulations across the U.S. and Canada limit gravity trench lengths to 100 feet. Is this length justified in science or practices?

5. Reverse Osmosis and Septic Systems
RO units will continue to rise in popularity and should be part of every homeowner questionnaire when evaluating a new or existing septic system.

4. Distillery Tasting Rooms – Alcohol’s Effects on Septic Systems
Even small amounts of distilled alcohol that is put down the drain can impact an onsite system.

3. Is It Time For a Fuel Surcharge?
Don’t let rising diesel and gas prices due to inflation woes, oil production interruptions and chaos in the world upend your profitability.

2. Adding an Aerator to a Septic Tank
An AMA is generally used for remediation of systems having issues with wastewater acceptance in the soil treatment area, but they can also be used to improve effluent quality for a new system.

1. Tips for Installing Septic Systems on Steep Slopes
Steep slopes can be challenging but if care is taken during the installation a long-term sustainable solution can be installed.

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