Advanced Treatment Suitable for a Waterfront Property

Advanced Treatment Suitable for a Waterfront Property

Problem: A lakefront property in Cheboygan County, Michigan, had a leaking septic tank and failed leachfield contaminating the beachfront. The option seemed to be putting in a new system and moving disposal across the street on another property, requiring cutting down trees and building a mound. The cost would be high and the owners would lose the opportunity to sell the mound site. 

Solution: During a site visit SludgeHammer personnel observed a beautiful landscape feature in front of the house. It was a mound with trees, shrubs and flowers that had been creatively designed by a landscape architect. A regulator on the visit suggested that if the soil in the mound was good, and it was already higher than groundwater separation required, using the mound for disposal would be fine. Since SludgeHammer advanced treatment units fit into standard septic tanks, a local tank manufacturer was able to install them. An Advanced S-86 unit was installed, and a drip-irrigation system was woven through the vegetation in the mound, with a drain-back to prevent freezing in winter. 

Result: The SludgeHammer system was substantially less expensive than the alternative. The vegetation on the mound flourished with the new, nutrient-enriched irrigation system. The beach was cleared of algae, and the owner kept a valuable property for later sale or development.


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