Bacterial Generator Provides Remediation for Duck Farm

SludgeHammer’s Aerobic Bacterial Generator scaled up from septic tanks to large ponds with ease

Bacterial Generator Provides Remediation for Duck Farm

Problem: The Reichardt Duck Farm in Petaluma, California, has to deal with 200,000 gallons of raw duck refuse daily. With more than 40 million gallons of ponds, they had tremendous capacity, but the high-strength waste built up over time and they had to improve conditions. 

Solution: SludgeHammer’s Aerobic Bacterial Generator was the solution. While invented to provide bacteria to septic tanks, scale-up was simple. The SludgeHammer unit let the farm grow its own bacterial supply. 

Result: A massive supply of new bacteria consumed sludge, reducing BOD, solids, nitrogen and ultimately increasing the growth rate of the farm’s ducks, improving profitability. 231-348-5866;


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