An Installer’s Go-To System Solution for Sites with Challenging Soils

A-Affordable Septic Service looks to AdvanTex AT20-RT units for advanced treatment in tight clays or high groundwater situations

An Installer’s Go-To System Solution for Sites with Challenging Soils

Rick Jonas inspects a new Orenco Systems AdvanTex Filtration system prior to installation in a residential project. (Photo by Dan Hawk)

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Diverse terrain and soil conditions in Oregon’s Willamette River valley often call for aerobic treatment units as part of onsite systems.

Rick Jonas and the team at A-Affordable Septic Service, based in Canby, Oregon, typically choose AdvanTex AX20-RT units from Orenco Systems for sites with challenging soils. The company works in a valley about 50 miles wide where soils are mostly silt-loam and clay.

“There are pockets of sand,” Jonas says. “On average we have about 2 feet of topsoil throughout the valley. We also get into heavier clays. Depending on the lot size, the water table and soil conditions, we’ll install a pretreated system and reduce the drainfield to one-third the conventional size. Our go-to is the AdvanTex AX-20 RT because Orenco (based in Sutherlin, Oregon) is close by and provides excellent support.” 

AdvanTex treatment systems are designed for decentralized wastewater applications from single homes to entire communities. The textile filter units have been installed to treat residential, commercial and municipal wastewater worldwide.

The units are compact recirculating packed-bed filters, which Orenco describes as a reliable, energy-efficient and low-maintenance technology. Instead of sand, peat, foam or other materials, AdvanTex unit uses a lightweight and compact textile fabric. They operate quietly, emit minimal odor, and have a low profile to blend in with landscaping.

The AX-RT systems are designed to treat residential septic tank effluent to better-than-secondary standards. The treatment includes nitrogen reduction. The units consist of sturdy, watertight basins that incorporate recirculation-blend tankage. Wastewater discharges into a single module and is filtered in the highly absorbent textile media, which treats a large volume in a small space.

AX-RT units are designed for small-flow applications including new installations, retrofits and repairs. There is no need for separate recirculation and discharge tanks because both functions are carried out in the single module. Units are suited for sites that require shallow burial, have poor soils or have small available spaces.

Treatment capacities are up to 600 gpd for the AX20-RT and 750 gpd for the AX25-RT. Because the systems are modular, multiple units can be installed to accommodate higher flows.

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