9 Helpful Marketing Resources to Boost Your 2021 Plans

9 Helpful Marketing Resources to Boost Your 2021 Plans

If you live in a climate that experiences all four seasons, you probably have a downturn in business during the winter. If you’re looking for ways to keep busy while you wait for the spring thaw, maybe it’s time to look at your marketing plan.

While 2020 was far from typical, it’s still helpful to look back over the last year and see what worked and what didn’t. Take the time to do some research on something new you’ve been wanting to try, whether it’s creating short videos for an Instagram account or starting a blog on your website to answer frequent customer questions.

If you’re not sure what to focus on first, here’s a roundup of some marketing tips to get you started.

How to Effectively Use Facebook Advertising to Gain Customers for Your Septic Business
The social media platform no doubt has plenty of users — and potential customers — but it takes a little knowledge on how its advertising features work to best reach those people.

Pandemic Provides Opportunity to Embrace Email Marketing
Your customers are on their devices now more than ever, so email is a great way to get your business some exposure.

5 Marketing Mistakes to Avoid
If you’re not smart and strategic about your marketing efforts, the results might look as if you’re not promoting your business at all.

Helpful Tips for Writing Great Website Content
Learning how to craft content that draws in customers is difficult, but ultimately worthwhile.

A Beginner’s Guide to Video Marketing
It’s much easier than you think, and this step-by-step plan will get you started.

Tips for Making Your Website Bio Info Attractive to Potential Customers
Take a hard look at the content of the "About" section on your website. Is it really doing all it can to bring in new business?

When Marketing Can Be Too Much of a Good Thing
Marketing your business is beneficial no doubt, but more isn’t necessarily better. It’s important to know when it’s time to ramp up marketing efforts and when it’s best to scale back.

Marketing a Septic Business With a Personal Touch
Handwritten cards and freebie baseball caps are part of a thoughtful marketing plan for Ohio’s Mastin Site Services.

Promoting Septic Design Services With YouTube
Indiana onsite designer Stuart Meade produces educational videos that enhance the credibility of his business.


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