Product Focus - April 2021

Product Focus - April 2021

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Alarm Systems/Components

Septic Products Observer 400
The Observer 400 system-monitoring device from Septic Products is a 120-volt indoor/outdoor high-water alarm that includes a 15-foot alarm float for high levels. It includes a large 360-degree indicating light and 85 dB at 10 feet audible alarm. It comes with a test-normal-silence switch, automatic alarm reset, auxiliary contacts and 120-volt circuit power for the pump. It has easy access to the interior components for a repairable design. The alarm can be adapted for use as either a high- or low-level alarm. It is built and labeled to UL 508A. 419-282-5933;

SJE Rhombus PS Patrol
The PS Patrol from SJE Rhombus is an outdoor pedestal high-water alarm system that provides a convenient location to connect all wiring required for a pumping station application. It employs a receptacle for easy connection of a 120-volt pump and piggyback pump switch. The sleek, angled design of the clear enclosure includes a removable cover for easy access for field wiring and viewing components. The enclosure meets Type 3R watertight standards for outdoor use. The design allows the controller to accept a 5-inch square plastic post or 4-inch pipe/conduit for mounting. All internal components are sealed within the cover for protection from the elements. The red LEDs illuminate the top of the cover in an alarm condition for easy 360-degree visual identification. It is available with or without a 32-inch mounting post. It is CSA certified. 888-342-5753;


Clarus Environmental Fusion  
Clarus Environmental’s Fusion systems are drop-in wastewater treatment units designed for decentralized applications where effluent quality must meet or exceed secondary treatment standards. They are designed for residential, commercial and small community applications and are available in 450- to 4,000-gpd treatment capacities. All models up to 800 gpd are NSF/ANSI Standard 40 certified to produce effluent quality of 9 mg/L CBOD5 and 9 mg/L TSS. The design enables installation without a pretreatment tank, making it suitable for sites with limited space. Effluent disposal options include conventional trenches, dosed systems, drip irrigation or disinfection with direct discharge. 800-928-7867;

Eljen Geotextile Sand Filter
The GSF, or Geotextile Sand Filter, advanced wastewater treatment and dispersal system from Eljen is designed to provide treatment and dispersal in the same footprint while keeping installations easy and maintenance minimal. This product is used for both commercial and residential applications. Utilizing a two-stage pretreatment process, the geotextile modules apply filtered septic tank effluent to the soil, increasing the soil’s ability to accept the effluent and increase the long-term acceptance rate. Its design provides increased surface area for biological treatment that greatly exceeds the module’s absorption area. Open-air channels within the module support aerobic bacterial growth on the module’s geotextile fabric interface, surpassing the surface area required for traditional absorption systems. The result is simple installations in a smaller soil absorption area. The system is tested and certified by NSF to NSF/ANSI Standard 40. 800-444-1359;

Commercial Treatment Systems

Fuji Clean USA Model CE6KG
The Model CE6KG from Fuji Clean USA is a one-tank system with built-in septic tank and treated effluent pump station chamber. It has a hydraulic capacity of 6,000 gpd, treating to NSF 40 standards. It has a compact overall footprint of 36 feet 3 inches by 9 feet 7 inches, with a height of 7 feet 3 inches. Risers and covers are included. Seven access ports allow for comfortable access for operation and maintenance. It has a power draw of 12.2 kWh/day. Systems are delivered to the job site fully assembled for plug-and-play installation. A total system weight of 2,900 pounds allows off-load and setting with basic excavation equipment or a boom truck. Multiple controller options are available based on site requirements. 207-406-2927;

Jet Inc. Extended Air Plants
Commercial wastewater treatment Extended Air Plants and newer MBBR plants from Jet Inc. are modular in design, can treat varying strengths and flows from 1,500 to 300,000 gpd and allow for phase build out. This makes it possible for convenience stores, motels, shopping centers and service stations to be constructed along interstate highways far from any town. These systems can also be used for pretreatment before discharging into central systems to reduce overall system load. They allow for people to live and work in isolated areas, as well as in the world’s deserts, deep valleys and mountain ranges. The plants, utilizing a variety of controls, treat wastewater through the aerobic digestion process that enables microscopic living organisms to transform wastewater into a clear, odorless liquid. Jet offers assistance with design, engineering and construction, as well as tech support, plant start up commissioning and operator training. 800-321-6960;

Norweco Modulair
The Modulair package wastewater treatment system from Norweco is designed as a maintenance-free method of wastewater treatment with system capacities ranging from 1,500 to 500,000 gpd. Plants employ the extended aeration treatment process to quickly and efficiently oxidize organic compounds, according to the maker. The system can be easily enlarged or modified and has the flexibility for any treatment requirement, including pretreatment, AFE, ASH, tertiary, disinfection, denitrification and phosphorus removal. Nonclog Evenair diffusers reduce plant maintenance, and the air-lift surface skimmer simplifies maintenance. Heavy-duty reinforced precast concrete tanks provide durability and long life. The complete system is installed and serviced by licensed, factory-trained distributors. 800-667-9326;

Orenco Systems AdvanTex AX-Max
AdvanTex AX-Max wastewater treatment systems from Orenco Systems are containerized, fully plumbed plug-and-play units sized for larger commercial and municipal applications. Units come in a variety of configurations, measuring up to 42 feet long by 8.5 feet wide. They can be installed as a single unit or in multi-unit arrays, either above ground or buried to grade. Systems use an attached-growth treatment method to produce clear, odorless effluent with significant nutrient reduction, suitable for subsurface irrigation or surface discharge after disinfection. One unit can process up to 5,000 gpd of raw sewage or 15,000 gpd of primary-treated effluent. Units reduce nitrogen up to 90%, depending on configuration, and can be operated with a part-time operator. They are easy to ship and set and can be installed in a variety of soils and climates. 800-348-9843;

Control Panel

Alderon Industries Duplex Intrinsically Safe Pump Control Panel
The Duplex Intrinsically Safe Pump Control Panel from Alderon Industries is designed to operate two pumps based on control switches mounted at predetermined levels and system information entered into the programmable logic controller. A human-machine-interface touch screen allows the user to program email and text alerts for when alarm conditions occur. The panel includes door intrusion switches, inner dead front doors with mounted indicators and controls, battery backup for power outages, and an insulated enclosure with heaters for cold weather protection. 218-483-3034;

Disinfection Equipment

Scienco/FAST - a division of BioMicrobics SciCHLOR
SciCHLOR from Scienco/FAST - a division of BioMicrobics is a sodium hypochlorite generator designed to give a large span of markets a safe and effective way to disinfect. With salt, water and electricity, the system with multipass SciCELL electro-chemical activation, or ECA, technology will produce an available supply of 10 to 60 pounds chlorine-equivalent/day sizes. Connected to an incoming water source and with multiple operating modes, the brine solution makes multiple passes through the low-voltage DC electrolytic cell to provide a reliable method for the needs of medium to large onsite disinfection applications. Its recirculation method keeps control of desired chlorine concentration while the assembly minimizes maintenance downtime. 866-652-4539;

Nitrogen-Reduction Systems

BioMicrobics HighStrengthFAST
HighStrengthFAST wastewater treatment systems from BioMicrobics are scalable wastewater solutions for commercial properties of all sizes. They are engineered to treat wastewater containing high BOD concentrations and often having higher FOG levels than standard sanitary-strength sewage. Models are available to treat 900 to 9,000 gpd and are designed for extreme environments such as specialty food/beverage/agriculture applications. 800-753-3278;

Eliminite Commercial C-Series
The Commercial C-Series system from Eliminite is designed to provide reliable treatment with emphasis on total nitrogen reduction for high-strength waste applications such as worker camps, RV parks, restaurants, ski and golf resorts, breweries, mines and agricultural operations. It is designed to work with locally sourced tanks and components when possible. MetaRocks treatment media is designed to withstand a variety of high-strength waste-loading scenarios, particularly where clogging and odor control are major considerations. The system is scalable and may be adapted to suit specific phasing requirements, site constraints and unique demands. 888-406-2289;


Franklin Electric NC Series 
NC Series nonclog pumps from Franklin Electric are available in single- and three-phase power options to provide a rugged, maintenance-friendly wastewater transfer solution with flows up to 610 gpm. A field-adjustable wear plate minimizes downtime while maximizing profit without the need and additional cost of a replaceable wear ring. Factory standard dual silicon carbide mechanical seals have low thermal expansion and higher abrasion resistance, providing up to six times greater wear life than commonly used carbon versus ceramic seals. 800-348-2420;

Liberty Pumps ProVore 
The ProVore grinder from Liberty Pumps is designed for use in applications where the addition of a bathroom or other fixtures below sewer lines requires pumping. It has the same V-Slice cutter technology used in the Omnivore series, brought down to a more cost-effective level. Powered by a 1 hp motor, this smaller grinder is designed to operate on a standard 115- or 230-volt circuit, requiring only a 20-amp breaker. No special wiring is needed. The pump comes with a 2-inch vertical-style discharge and a standard leg pattern matching the LE Series. This allows for an easy retrofit into existing systems. Compact factory-assembled systems are available in both simplex and duplex versions: the ProVore 380 and ProVore 680. 800-543-2550;

UV Disinfection

Polylok PL-UV1 UV Disinfection Unit
The PL-UV1 UV Disinfection Unit from Polylok reduces bacteria levels from secondary effluent to achieve strict water-quality standards. Every component of the compact unit is engineered and constructed to provide reliable disinfection and long operational life, according to the manufacturer. It has a dual-pass design, a long-life UV bulb, weatherproof electrical components and no chemical residual or harmful byproducts. It is easy and inexpensive to install and operate, and it has low electrical usage. Flow rates for gravity flow only are 100 through 8,640 gpd, with 100 through 4,320 gpd with 30 mg/L BOD and 30 mg/L SS, and 4,321 to 8,640 gpd with 10 mg/L BOD and 10 mg/L SS. It offers a UV dose greater than 40,000 microwatt-seconds per square cm at 254 nanometers, with transmissivity of 65%. 888-765-9565;

SALCOR 3G UV Wastewater Disinfection Unit
The 3G UV Wastewater Disinfection Unit from SALCOR is used for residential, commercial and municipal applications, and it is UL-certified NEMA 6P flood-proof and NSF/Washington State Protocol six-month tested (with 21 upstream treatment systems). It inactivates bacteria/virus pathogens, including superbugs. Rated at 9,000-gpd gravity flow, it is meant as a reliable building block for large water recovery/reuse systems. When installed in 12-unit parallel/series arrays with ABS pipe fittings, systems can disinfect more than 100,000 gpd. Gravity flow equalizes without distribution boxes. Each unit has a foul-resistant Teflon lamp covering, two-year long-life lamp with efficient installation, minimal annual maintenance and energy use of less than 40 watts. 760-731-0745; 


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