Retrofit Your Current Station With a Barnes Upgrade Core Grinder Package

The heart of a pressure sewer system is the grinder pump and level control. The Barnes Upgrade Core package featuring the Barnes Omni Grind Plus centrifugal grinder pump is designed to allow operators and service providers to simply upgrade and retrofit into current stations without reconfiguration of the install site.

Some of the Barnes Upgrade Core features include good reliability; reduced operational and maintenance costs; hydraulic coverage to meet higher discharge head pressure and increased flows to provide proper line-scouring velocities; reduced odor problems; long pump life; few solids settling out in basin; and reduced level control issues.

Core benefits

The main benefits of the Barnes Upgrade Control package include good hydraulic design coverage; multiple assemblies available for a variety of applications; individual plug-and-play cords allowing for modular component installation and upgrade needs; and rigid pipe or flex-hose connections.

A centrifugal pump, like a Barnes two-stage grinder pump, will provide a reliable performance without service for an average time of 10 years, according to the manufacturer.

Some other two-stage centrifugal pump benefits include continuous operation at heads over 180 feet and good performance capabilities; one pump can scour an HDPE 11, 1 1/4-inch pipe by itself to a head of 185 feet; dual-vortex impellers handle solids and provide continuous operation at any point on the curve without overloading the motor; no closed valve protection required for high-wear components.

Three configurations

The Barnes Upgrade Core packages are available in three configurations: fixed discharge, universal and flanged horizontal discharge.

The Barnes 1.25-inch Fixed Discharge Core featuring the Barnes Omni Grind Plus pump provides a drop-in ready package that fits directly into your current station. The OGP pump combines the reliability of a centrifugal grinder with unmatched high-head capability.

Features include stainless discharge pipe fits into existing receiver; easy-to-maintain flap-style check valve; corrosion-resistant pump and components; grinder pump that empties basin quickly; easy-to-remove level control; and quick-connect fittings to simplify electrical connection.

The Barnes Universal Upgrade Core is designed to retrofit into universal basin styles with a 1.25-inch NPT discharge connection. The Barnes Omni Grind Plus two-stage centrifugal pump provides maximum reliability and low life-cycle costs.

Features include 1.25-inch NPT for connection to existing flex hose or hard piped connection; combination flap-style check valve with anti-siphon port; cast iron pump stand and level control stand to provide proper clearance and support for the units, eliminating field adjustments; and independent level control and pump to allow for easy removal and inspection.

The Barnes OGV Omni Grind Pump with flanged discharge fits directly into existing systems with ANSI design requirements. The flanged volute features a 1.25-inch discharge with a standard ANSI pipe flange design, and the suction features a pipe flange design to fit 3-inch ANSI flanged pipe.

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