Advanced Enviro-Septic Solves New Residential Construction Space and Treatment Challenges

The first Advanced Enviro-Septic combined treatment and dispersal system permitted and installed in Lapeer County, Michigan, solved space and wastewater treatment challenges for the builders of a three-bedroom home on a sloping site. The 450 gpd system also left the maximum possible land available for the owner’s horses and provided a learning opportunity for the contractor and area health officials.

Area Considerations

Local county or district health departments in Lapeer County determine wastewater treatment system sizing, and systems typically utilize large above-grade mounds which compromise the use of available land and require large amounts of sand fill. The aesthetically pleasing AES system blends in naturally with the site grading, eliminating the large hump associated with traditional above-grade systems. Highly purified wastewater is released to the soil, recharging the groundwater, preventing soil and groundwater contamination.

System Design

The treatment capabilities of the AES combined treatment and dispersal system resulted in the Lapeer County system being permitted at only 25% of a standard mound system typical for a three-bedroom size home. The 1,500-square-foot AES system features three 70-foot rows of AES installed on top of 2NS sand at 24 inches on center and six inches of sand beneath the conduits which are backfilled to 3 inches above the pipe. A downslope side sand extension creates a basal area large enough to hydraulically accept the treated effluent. The contractor was able to install the AES system in one day without hauling in large quantities of sand and the owner benefited by significant cost savings over other solutions.

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