Bio/Enzyme Additives - Bionetix International Fizzy-Tab

Fizzy-Tab from Bionetix International is a multipurpose natural cleaner that controls odor and helps maintain healthy grease traps and septic systems. It contains diverse microbiological organisms designed to activate digestion of solid waste and reduce sludge buildup in the bottom of tanks. Naturally occurring bacteria and enzymes (cellulase, lipase, protease and amylase) in the tablets speed up the biodegradation of paper, oils, grease and other inert solid materials that settle on tank bottoms. They can be applied to toilets or directly to septic tanks to reduce sludge buildup, extend drain life, prevent drain blockage, reduce pumping frequency, and lower the risk of a leachfield failure while simultaneously improving drainfield percolation. They come as blue 22-gram tablets containing 5 billion CFU/gram. They replace chemical products and do not attack plastic or metal pipes. They should be added monthly to keep the septic or grease trap system healthy and functioning. 514/457-2914;


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