Product Spotlight - December 2020

The SeptiSurge Dynamic Fluid Manifold provides even purging action

Product Spotlight - December 2020

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Evenly distributing fluid throughout the drainfield is crucial to maintaining the longevity of an onsite system. Poor distribution causes localized saturation, where organic matter will build up faster than it can be broken down, causing premature failure of the system. The SeptiSurge Dynamic Fluid Manifold was designed to ensure all outlet ports receive effluent evenly.

One of the most common reasons for distribution box failure is clogging of one or more of the outflow ports. SeptiSurge aimed to address that by engineering a distribution system that uses a purging action. This action occurs when the fluid entering the distribution box accumulates within the tub liner to deploy or pop up the center float valve assembly. When the float valve opens, the fluid within the tub liner rapidly flows out the outlet ports with more pressure. As the fluid empties out, the float lowers and resets itself onto a seal stopping the flow.

The purging system was designed to create equal flow through all ports, even if the box develops an out-of-level condition over time. Releasing the volume of efflluent in one push ensures it will travel through all outlet ports instead of a steady flow coming in and going out a single outlet.

SeptiSurge tests indicate the purging device is capable of operating under surge flows up to 25 gpm, and while the basic version of the device purges 2 to 10 gallons at a time, higher purge volumes may be achieved using a simple arrangement of 4-inch pipes installed in parallel with the inflow of the septic tank. During tests, systems with this array yielded a 35-gallon purge.

Even in case of float valve failure, the box will still disperse effluent from the box like a conventional distribution box. If the float valve gets stuck in a down cycle, effluent will spill over the sides of the tub liner and out of the box. If stuck in an up cycle, effluent will pass through the valve in the bottom of the tub liner and exit the box through the outlet ports. 812-322-0789; 


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