Inside the February 2012 Issue of Onsite Installer

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Watered with Knowledge Watered with Knowledge
Detailed understanding of technologies and site conditions keeps AAA Allied Septic thriving in a slow economy and on challenging sites in the dry lands of New Mexico
February Association News
News; Calendar of Events; Training & Education
More Basic Principles More Basic Principles
Good practice calls for the soil treatment unit of an onsite system to be kept natural, level and shallow
Failures: How Prevalent?
Results from a South Dakota county’s septic system inspection program raise a question: How common, in general, are deficient and broken systems?
A New Way to Trade Show
Technology and social media will help you make the most of the Pumper & Cleaner Environmental Expo
An Old-Time Twist on Bowling
Duckpins, ball & biscuit and the Black Market all bring a bit of the past to present Indy hot spots
February Industry News
SSPMA Offers Pump Sizing Guidelines; Infiltrator Acquires Advanced Drainage Systems; NSF Publishes Water Reuse American Standard
February Letters Do You Roe-D-Hoe? Do You Roe-D-Hoe?
NOWRA again sponsors the national backhoe skills competition during the 2012 Pumper & Cleaner Expo
Understanding ATUs
Aerobic treatment units work on the same basic principles as municipal wastewater treatment plants. They require special knowledge and good maintenance.
February Product News February Product News
Featured new products.
Michigan Supreme Court Accepts Appeal of Public Sewer Requirement Membrane Solution Membrane Solution
Bioreactor technology enables a couple to build a system for a dream home in an environmentally sensitive area of western Idaho