Inside the July 2012 Issue of Onsite Installer

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Understanding the Market Understanding the Market
Paul Swoyer Septics and its employees thrive in a niche built on treatment systems for large, luxurious homes in Southwest Texas
July Association News
Calendar of Events; Training & Education
Mound Installation Steps Mound Installation Steps
The right materials, the right slopes, and the use of inspection ports are among the keys to a properly installed mound system
A Wake-Up Call
A reader’s comment brings up an essential point about people’s right to safe and sanitary homes and the value of the onsite treatment profession
Alarms, Controls and Monitor Systems Alarms, Controls and Monitor Systems July Industry News
Ditch Witch presents service, Chestnut awards; ADS purchases Quality Culvert pipe assets; SJE-Rhombus buyer receives SPSM certification; W. Virginia approves Anua Platinum system
July Letters Get Off the Phone
A federal cellphone ban for commercial drivers carries hefty fines and is likely to be adopted at the state level, as well
Telemetry: Dream or Reality?
Remote monitoring helps build homeowner confidence in service providers, and helps providers make cost-effective service decisions
July Product News July Product News
Featured new products.
Alarms, Controls and Monitor Systems Alarms, Controls and Monitor Systems New Jersey Rules Require Cesspool Abandonment and Set New Onsite Standards From Lavatory to Lawn From Lavatory to Lawn
A graywater recycling system meets California standards for bacteria content, enabling use for landscape irrigation
System Malfunctions:  Why, Wherefores and Fixes System Malfunctions: Why, Wherefores and Fixes
There are many possible reasons for onsite system failures. A thorough inspection can pinpoint the root cause and help identify the best remedy.