3 Onsite Devices Every Installer Needs

Don't forget to set the alarm! Minimize frantic emergency calls and detect problems before they happen with the latest control and monitoring devices.
3 Onsite Devices Every Installer Needs
Wired indoor/outdoor 3014AB Filter Alarm (Smart Alarm) from Polylok

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Effective operation and maintenance of onsite treatment systems call for three important tools: alarms, controls and monitoring devices. These electronic devices ensure optimal performance for advanced treatment units and onsite treatment systems. 

A range of technologies lets you match the best device with each installation. Take a peek at the latest in control, alarm and monitoring products. 

1. Alarms

Alarms alert homeowners — and you! — to potential problems before failing systems erupt in basements or backyards.

Grab your pencil and paper and note these warning gadgets to help you streamline onsite treatment system operation, and minimize those frantic emergency calls from homeowners. 

  • The ML2-920 effluent filter from Bear Onsite has dual alarm switch connections, allowing installers the flexibility of choosing the Alderon Industries or SJE-Rhombus vertical reed switch to alert homeowners when filters reach 90 percent capacity.
  • The wired indoor/outdoor 3014AB Filter Alarm (Smart Alarm) from Polylok provides audio/visual warning for home or business owners that a septic tank filter needs cleaning. The Smart Alarm Switch activates when the filter cartridge is near capacity.
  • The exterior alarm with pump control from Septronics has pump controls located on the right side, with all alarm controls on the left side on a separately wired board. Pump control comes with a hand-off-auto switch.
  • The Observer 500 indoor/outdoor high water alarm from SPI - Septic Products Inc. has a NEMA 4X polycarbonate enclosure rated for indoor or outdoor use, 360-degree red alarm light, alarm horn and alarm test, and horn silence toggle switch. 

2. Level controls

Controls operate timed or demand dosing in advanced systems to prevent system failure. These funky finds help you monitor pumps and floats, and basically give homeowners peace of mind that their system is operating properly. 

  • The Intelligent Pump Control (IPC) Panel from Aquaworx by Infiltrator is easy to install and leverages pressure transducer technology to monitor multiple types of system events and enhance system performance.
  • No-Float timed- or demand-dose control panels from Clarus Environmental offer a “no float” sensor that detects the liquid level in the tank and sends a signal back to the panel, where it is digitally displayed in inches inside the front cover.
  • PDC Series panels from Liberty Pumps control the operation of two ProVore residential grinder pumps. The system includes a primary pump control float and an alarm float. LED indicators show power on, pump run status, alarm status and horn enable/disable status.
  • The 4-in-1 Controller from Orenco Systems supports numerous electrical configurations and dosing schedules within a single panel. Both Simplex (MVP-S2DM) and Duplex (MVP-DAX2DM) models are available and can be configured in the field for timed or demand dosing.
  • The Dial-a-Time control from See Water is designed to control pumps with ratings up to 16 full-load amps. The compact, solid-state technology has no moving parts to become tangled, ensuring the proper evacuation of water.
  • Relay Logic Series control panels from SJE-Rhombus utilize traditional, user-friendly components for simplex and duplex pump control in water and sewage applications. The simplex panel controls one 120-, 208- or 240-volt single-phase pump in pump chambers, sump pump basins, irrigation systems and lift stations. 

3. Monitoring devices

Monitoring devices provide early detection of valve malfunction and debris obstructions. Simply put, these handy units detect problems before they happen.

Check out these monitor options to ensure systems you install don’t hit the warning stage: 

  • The Click+Clean all-in-one panel from RH2O North America allows users to change settings and log data from the home or office, detecting problems before they occur. It has an LCD screen for easy onsite setup, and can be configured to simplex, duplex, or control multiple systems in one panel.
  • The P101FA-2 Timer from Septic Services is designed for shaft-design aerators but can be used for any application that requires mini-breaker (4- to 7-amp) shut-off capability. The 24-hour timer prevents overload on the aerator motor if it becomes obstructed with debris.
  • The IVM6000TM-LP Intelligent Valve Monitor from Dynamic Monitors ensures reliable designs and peace of mind, by confirming even distribution to all zones, as well as providing early detection and immediate alert of valve malfunctions. 

Want to learn more? Check out complete product listings and manufacturer contact information.


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