The Most-Read Articles of 2021

The Most-Read Articles of 2021

As the end of the year approaches, here’s a recap of some of the top stories on If you missed any of these, now is your chance to catch up. Enjoy this look back at 2021.

10. Solutions for Indoor Septic Odor Problems
Multiple plumbing issues can result in septic odors in buildings but the fix is usually straightforward. 

9. Why, When and How to Run the Plastic Limit Test During Septic System Installation
Following these procedures when constructing soil treatment areas will help to assure the system is a long-term solution. 

8. The Impacts of Soil Consistence on Septic System Installation
Consistence features of the soil will determine whether water can be properly treated on a potential site.

7. 5 Steps to Troubleshooting a Septic Pump
Septic pump problems occur for a number of reasons. This roundup features five articles that will walk you through the steps to diagnose a septic pump problem. 

6. Questions From the Classroom: Septic Installing in Alberta
Certified installer trainer Chad Widmer answers questions frequently asked by his students.

5. How a High-Efficiency Furnace Impacts a Septic System
This heating process results in acidic condensate that poses two potential problems for septic systems.

4. Gravity Distribution: Do You Need a Drop Box or Distribution Box?
Site characteristics and application will determine whether a serial and parallel system is the right choice. 

3. Pipe Materials: Joining PVC Pipe Without Glue
Using primer and glue is the most common method to join together two pieces of PVC pipe, but there are other connections and joints needed for specific applications. 

2. Should You Be Concerned If a Septic System Has No Scum Layer?
When there is no scum layer, you should work with the homeowner to remedy this to extend the life of downstream components.

1. Outdoor Septic Odor Causes and Solutions
To troubleshoot outdoor septic odors, first identify which of these five areas is the culprit.


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