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Replaces stone and pipe drainfields


A homeowner on Madeline Island, Wis., needed to replace a lakeside dry well. The Ashland County Department of Health Services ruled out a drainfield because it would be below the high groundwater mark.



The homeowner commissioned a wave impact study to prove that a new system could meet the required setbacks. The county approved the permit. Installer and master plumber Adrien Cady of Washburn selected EZflow geosynthetic aggregate by Infiltrator Systems for the leachfield. “It was easier for the ferry to deliver the lightweight bundles and at a substantial savings when compared to the material and delivery costs of stone and pipe,” he says.

The engineered 30-sieve geotextile netting on the modules filters soil particles to prevent clogging. The polystyrene aggregate has more than 50 percent voids for greater water movement. The material will not crush, degrade, or break down and is easily contoured along slopes, trees or landscaping.



“The whole installation was completed in a day using a single backhoe,” says Cady. 800/221-4436; www.infiltratorsystems.com.


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