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Linear air pump

The Alita AL Series linear air pump is designed for use with aerobic treatment units. It features energy-efficient, electromagnetically operated double diaphragms and a weatherproof compact aluminum alloy housing with a quick-access air filter. An optional integrated alarm activates when operating pressure drops below the normal functional level. Models range from 10.6 to 106 gpm. Also available are 230VAC, DC models and solar power packages. 626/962-2116; www.alita.com.

High-head effluent pump

The 35-pound CPEH5 effluent pump from Champion Pump Company is designed for long pipe runs or high static heads. It can pump through the equivalent of 5,200 feet of 2-inch pipe (based on 5-inch static head) and handle 3/4-inch solids. The rotating components of the pump are in the motor housing, which helps keep hair and debris from wrapping around the sealing surface. Features include a 115-volt PSC motor (230-volt optional) and 20-foot power cord (50-foot available). 800/659-4491; www.championpump.com.

Cast iron effluent pump

Effluent pumps from Clarus Environmental feature cast iron construction and automatic and non-automatic options. The low-flow design was engineered for STEP applications in which the pump is protected from septic solids by a filtered vault and moves effluent directly out of the septic tank without an additional pump tank. The Model 51 produces a maximum flow of 18 gpm at 5 feet of TDH and can reach 21 feet at shutoff. The Model 142 produces a maximum flow of 18 gpm at 5 feet of TDH and can reach 62 feet at shutoff. Both can pass 1/2-inch spherical solids. 800/928-7867; www.clarusenvironmental.com.

Slide rail system

The lift-out slide rail system from E-Z Out Manufacturing is designed for most vertical-discharge submersible pumps under 5 hp, with 1-, 2- and 3-inch NPT discharge nozzles or 2- or 3-inch horizontal discharge. It provides easy aboveground service access without confined-space entry for most submersible sewage, sump and grinder pumps from wet pit applications. 604/942-7994.

Grinder pump retrofit kit

The Grinder Pump Retrofit Kit from Goulds Water Technology is designed for residential grinder pump stations as a more economical option to replacing an entire pump system. The kit allows for continuous operation, and can be retrofitted with other grinder pumps as well as progressive cavity pumps. The kit includes a single-phase, 2 hp motor with 60 Hz, 3,450 rpm, 230V and a capacitor start with winding thermal protector. It also includes piping and electrical connections for retrofitting to competitors' systems. The pump's capacity is up to 41 gpm with heads to 95 feet and discharge of 1 1/4 NPT. 866/325-4210; www.gouldswatertechnology.com.

Sewage pump

S Pumps from Grundfos Pumps can transfer unscreened raw sewage or raw water or pump water containing sludge. A SmartTrim system makes it easy to adjust the factory-set impeller clearance and maintain maximum pump efficiency. A SmartSeal auto-coupling gasket provides a leakproof connection between the pump and the base unit of the auto-coupling system. The shaft can rotate in either direction. When the pumps are installed with separate pipework, sludge sedimentation can be avoided by backflushing the system at regular intervals. 800/921-7867; www.grundfos.us.

Residential grinder pump

The Omnivore residential grinder pump from Liberty Pumps uses the company's V-Slice cutter technology, which provides more cuts per revolution for high shredding performance in wastewater applications. The hardened stainless steel cutting system shreds jeans, shop rags, diapers, sanitary napkins and other solids into fine slurry. An open volute improves solids flow and reduces jamming. Other features include a one-piece cast iron body, quick-disconnect power cord, stainless steel impeller and dual shaft seals. Models are available in single- or two-stage designs, providing maximum pumping heads to more than 180 feet. 800/543-2550; www.libertypumps.com.

Built-in alarm aerator

The HEMLA-80B built-in alarm aerator from Medo USA can be used on 500 to 600 gpd residential wastewater treatment systems. Along with a visual alarm, the pump has distinct audible alarms that sound when the pump's working pressure is less than 1 psi or greater than 3.27 psi. This tells maintenance providers and homeowners where to look when troubleshooting. The aerator is a linear, motor-free piston system with a Teflon-treated cast aluminum piston as its only moving part. 800/843-6336; www.medo-water.com.

Septic tank effluent pump

The Polylok STEP System is available in 49- or 57-inch depths and includes a polyethylene basin, effluent filter, and a 0.5 hp high-head turbine effluent pump in 10, 20 (standard) and 30 gpm versions. It includes internal PVC 1 1/4-inch piping and valves, mechanical float switches pre-installed on a float tree, and a NEMA 4X simplex or duplex control panel with audible and visual alarm. The unit draws and filters wastewater from the middle layer of a septic tank and pumps the effluent to a dispersal field or wastewater treatment unit. It installs quickly in a 19- to 23-inch-diameter opening in a new or existing concrete or fiberglass tank. The dual-compartment basin design allows the filter cartridge to be removed without pulling the pump or the entire vault. 800/701-3946; www.polylok.com.

Shaft-style aerator

The Flagg-Air 340HP shaft-style aerator from Septic Services is easy to install, quiet and trouble-free and fits in place of most original units. Model 340HP-J has 12-inch mounting brackets and fits 10-inch tank riser openings. The 340HP-N has 13.5-inch mounting brackets and fits 12-inch openings. The aerators offer low rpm (1,750) with high airflow, a fully enclosed continuous-duty motor with 2-foot power cord, pre-lubricated and sealed bearings, powder-coated steel brackets with rubber vibration restrictors for mounting stability and strength, high-impact plastic suds restrictor, a stainless steel shaft and bronze counter shaft, an integrated T-bar handle, and a 7-amp mini-breaker. 800/536-5564; www.septicserv.com/store.

Wastewater pump

The V-Series wastewater pump from Webtrol for residential and commercial applications has a recessed cast iron impeller that reduces bearing load and prevents clogging. The pump comes with potted epoxy cord seals and double silicon carbide mechanical seals to protect it from water damage. All motors include overload protection. The pump is made of cast iron and stainless steel and is available in ratings from 0.5 to 2 hp in 115V, 230V, single-phase and three-phase. 800/769-7867; www.webtrol.com.


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