Septic Drainfield Restoration - NextGen Septic GenX Retrofit

GenX Retrofit septic technology from NextGen Septic can be installed into any approved septic tank and works to repair a clogged soil drainfield. It includes a compact, stand-alone, automated, two-stage treatment system for domestic sewage that produces a clean-water output. The sewage is collected in a tank, where soils are broken down under anoxic conditions, while the wastewater is aerated with biomedia and low-noise submersible pumps in the secondary compartment. The second stage, which occurs in a separate treatment unit, treats nitrogen and phosphorus through a no-maintenance-required membrane and ozone disinfection system that lets water and salt pass through, while rejecting the solids and dissolved organic contaminants to create a clean-water output suitable for surface discharge. The clogged field begins to percolate water in as little as eight to 12 weeks, once the biomat thickness becomes small enough to allow water to get through at a reasonable rate, according to the maker. 513-673-3583;


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