So Much to See

The 2013 Pumper & Cleaner Environmental Expo will feature wall-to-wall tool.

Ask any regular attendee of the Pumper & Cleaner Environmental Expo International what keeps bringing them back and they'll tell you it's seeing the latest products and services in one gigantic location.

With hundreds of vendors in Indianapolis this year, it will be a challenge to see it all. To make sure you don't miss any of the breakthrough offerings at the Indiana Convention Center, there's an interactive floor plan at

Whether you're a first-time visitor or repeat guest, the 33rd annual Expo will have all you need to build efficiency and profitability for your business. Here's a look at some of the products and services you won't want to miss.

Treatment Systems


The Puraflo peat fiber biofilter features a modular design with flexible phasing options and peat fiber media. The system offers low-maintenance, long life and low operating cost. The Platinum submerged aerated filter, approved in Virginia, Delaware and Maine, offers low power consumption and reduced maintenance in a small footprint. 800/787-2356;; Booth 2145.

AK Industries

The Hydro-Action aerobic treatment system is NSF 245 certified at 400 and 500 gpm. It uses suspended aeration and an activated sludge design with engineered recirculation to achieve consistent denitrification without media filters or carbon additives. 800/370-3749;; Booth 2281.


The MicroFAST aerobic treatment unit offers fixed integrated treatment technology (FITT) and a completely submerged fixed-film process, which provides a high surface-to-volume ratio to maintain microbial growth during low, average and peak usage. The system serves homes, subdivisions and commercial applications. 800/753-3278;; Booth 2103.


The Singulair Green aerobic wastewater treatment system includes a watertight, high-density polyethylene tank. The 916-pound tank uses Singulair Green technology to treat up to 600 gallons of domestic wastewater in less than 24 hours. The system has built-in, non-mechanical surge control, filtration and disinfection. It can be buried with up to 3 feet of fill. 800/667-9326;; Booths 2453, 2456.

Orenco Systems

The AdvanTex AX-RT advanced treatment system, designed for system repair and rehabilitation, can be installed after a watertight septic tank to produce reuse-quality effluent. All interior components are pre-plumbed and adjusted. The 4-in-1 design includes recirculation, treatment, disinfection and discharge. Options include a UV disinfection unit. 800/348-9843;; Booth 4010.

Presby Environmental

The Advanced Enviro-Septic septic treatment and dispersal system is designed for residential, commercial and community use. Designed to remove up to 99 percent of wastewater contaminants without electricity or replacement media, the passive system establishes multiple bacterial treatment environments that break down and digest contaminants. 800/473-5298;; Booth 3006. Septic System Components

Advanced Drainage Systems

The GEO-flow pipe leaching system provides advanced secondary treatment and final dispersal of residential-strength septic tank effluent. The pipe component consists of a 10-inch single-wall pipe encased in a symmetrical polypropylene grid wrapped in a 4-ounce geotextile fiber fabric. The three-component conduit is encased in a 6-inch layer of system sand. 800/821-6710;; Booth 6119.

Bear Onsite

The ML2-920 filter cartridge lets installers use the built-in cartridge handle to install a single pipe extension for applications where the cartridge is only a few feet below grade, or install dual pipe extensions so two hands can be used to guide the cartridge and safely secure it. 877/653-4583;; Booth 5306.

Hedstrom Plastics

Polyethylene septic tank covers fit standard 18- and 24-inch double-wall corrugated pipe (safety net available). Gaskets and safety hardware are included. Covers can be filled with sand for added weight. Foam-filled lids are available. Covers can be personalized with company name and are available with tank adapters in 18- and 24-inch sizes. 800/765-9665;; Booth 1319.

Infiltrator Systems

The IM-1060 injection-molded tank uses a two-piece design with a working capacity of 1,094 gallons. Applications include onsite wastewater, rainwater harvesting and non-potable water storage. The unit is available with custom-fitted risers and lids. The tank can be installed with 6 to 48 inches of cover and pumped dry. 800/221-4436;; Booth 5242.

Jet Inc.

The J-500-800PLT plastic tank is available in capacities from 500 to 800 gpd. The seamless tanks are rotational-molded from lightweight polyethylene for strength and durability. 800/321-6960;; Booth 2275.

Netafim USA

Bioline polyethylene low-volume dripperline is designed for onsite systems with domestic-strength wastewater to secondary-treated effluent. The debris-resistant line is self-flushing and pressure compensating. The drippers deliver a precise application rate over a broad pressure range and are impregnated with an antibacterial agent to prevent slime buildup. 888/638-2346;; Booth 2279.

Polylok/Zabel Environmental

The 6-inch Extend & Lok inlet or outlet pipe extension is designed for commercial applications and can be used with any 6-inch pipe or effluent filter that requires large flow. 877/765-9565;; Booth 2000.

Premier Tech Aqua

The DiUV self-cleaning disinfection unit is designed for new or replacement systems where stream, ditch or surface discharge is permitted. The self-cleaning quartz sleeve automatically starts six times a day (2,000 cleanings a year) to help maintain optimal disinfection performance. 800/632-6356;; Booth 4118.

Roth Global Plastics

The MultiTank can be used as a water cistern, rainwater tank or septic tank. Features include an inner layer of FDA-approved virgin HDPE, two inside layers of polyethylene for improved stability, and an outer layer of black and UV-stabilized polyethylene. The tank is CSA, NSF and IAPMO certified. 866/943-7256;; Booth 4124.


The 24-inch septic lid is made of heavy-duty, rotomolded plastic and weight-rated for 3,500 pounds. 800/868-0973;; Booth 2101.

Sim/Tech Filter

The No-Vault pump filter protects turbine pump intake screens. Filtration is achieved through a 6-inch diameter PVC screen with 1/16-inch diameter perforations (stainless steel screen available). Models offer 139 or 325 square inches of open area. 888/999-3290;; Booth 2206.


Riser lids have internal ledges that support plastic internal safety lids, concrete or fiberglass lids, or a rope net. Lids include safety screws. 800/382-7009;; Booth 6108.


Champion Pump Co.

The 35-pound CPEH5 pump is designed for long pipe runs or high static heads. It can pump through the equivalent of 5,200 feet of 2-inch pipe (based on 5-inch static head) and handle 3/4-inch solids. Features include 115-volt PSC motor (230-volt optional) and 20-foot power cord (50-foot available). 800/659-4491;; Booth 2377.


PHCC Pro Series residential sewage pumps handle up to 2-inch solids. Features include cast iron or cast iron/stainless steel construction, PSC water-cooled motor, dual-carbon ceramic seals, and 10-foot power cord. Pumps handle 4,440 gph/74 gpm at 10-foot head (model E7040) or 5,340 gph/89 gpm (E7055) with a maximum head of 23 feet. 800/991-0466;; Booth 1434.

Septic Services

The STA80AL Whirlwind pump has an integrated audible alarm and warning lights. It has an open flow rate of 2.9 cfm at 2.18 psi, weighs 16 pounds, measures 10 by 7 by 7 1/2 inches, and can accommodate up to 750 gpd. 800/536-5564;; Booth 3118.


Cape Cod Biochemical Co.

AfterShock bioremediation restorative is a blend of BIO-REM E-D, a high-count, USDA-approved granular bacteria/enzyme and time-released oxidizers that accelerate digestion and help degrade sulfides in the soil. The oxidizer is compatible with bacteria, enabling the leaching facility to be treated in one application. 800/343-8007;; Booth 6001.

Ecological Laboratories

Pro-Pump/Total System Treatment Plus is a highly-concentrated microbial formulation designed for indoor use. The non-toxic formula cleans and deodorizes drain lines while seeding microbes in the septic tank and drainfield. A 64-ounce bottle treats the entire septic system for six months. 800/326-7867;; Booth 5247.


Bio Filter Wash is designed for cleaning septic filters while recharging septic systems. The environmentally-friendly, three-part formula breaks down organics, cleans the filter, and coats it with a biofilm. 800/223-3083;; Booth 3026.

Municipal Sales

Septic Drainer drainfield restorative works in septic systems to remove the bond between sodium and the soil that creates hardpan. 518/747-2044;; Booth 6241.

RID-X Septic System Treatment

Septi-Pacs septic tank treatment are dissolvable pouches that contain a concentrated dual-action formula with enzymes designed to break down household waste, including detergents, soaps, grease and paper. The natural bacteria work to reduce tank buildup and prevent septic backups. 855/776-7439;; Booth 4120.

Walex Products Co.

Bio-Active dissolvable septic tank treatment packets are environmentally-friendly and safe for all plumbing. One packet per month dropped into the toilet and flushed releases billions of bacteria and enzymes that help dissolve sludge, prevent backups, and keep drainfields working. 800/338-3155;; Booth 3213.



The PitBoss water alarm monitors two sump pits, sending text messages to mobile devices warning of high water and power outages. A battery backup system is included. 317/885-6330;; Booth 1226.


The 2001 JJ1 pump control with alarm is 120- or 240-volt capable, watertight and UV-protected. The control is installation-ready with a control float switch for the alarm. A poly pedestal protects wiring and provides an area to connect to the tank. 888/565-8908;; Booth 2371.


The Ultra Nator control and alarm system controls two alternating 120-volt, 1 hp or 15 amp single-phase pumps in duplex pump applications. The plug-and-play design includes a 10-foot power cord, floats, and angled pump receptacles to accept standard or right-angled pump plugs (no field wiring is required). The panel has LED indicators for the high-water alarm. 800/342-5753;; Booth 5116.


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