Marketing a Septic Business With a Personal Touch

Handwritten cards and freebie baseball caps are part of a thoughtful marketing plan for Ohio’s Mastin Site Services

Marketing a Septic Business With a Personal Touch

Erin Mastin is owner, along with her husband, Cody Mastin, of Mastin Site Services — referred to as MSS — an onsite installation, septic service, excavation and dump truck company in Waterville, Ohio. Mastin wants to make sure her customers know she and Cody are grateful for their business and do not take them for granted. But in this era when everything is done in cyberspace, she doesn’t just send out a form letter in an email but has chosen to send her message in a way that’s much more personal and thoughtful.

“Every job we do, I send out a handwritten thank-you card,” she says, “whether it’s a small job or a $10,000 job.” She uses Vistaprint, an online company that provides marketing products for small businesses, to print the thank-you cards with the company’s logo. Then she handwrites a personal message — “And hopefully they can read my handwriting.” She admits it can be a bit overwhelming sometimes to keep up with it, but she feels it’s important.

“It’s just one of those touch points that’s like, ‘Thank you for trusting in us. We appreciate your business,’” she says. While she doesn’t expect people to thank them for the thank-you cards, she’s happy to report several customers have actually taken the time to do just that.

Another personal item that’s proven popular is the company baseball hats. Mastin has the hats embroidered with the MSS logo by a local company that also embroiders their T‑shirts and sweatshirts. She gives them to all their customers, friends and family members.

“Our hats go like crazy,” Mastin says. “I probably went through 100-some last year. We pass them out everywhere we go. They’re the gray Richardson Trucker hats with our logo in the corner. This morning at the gas station, we ran into two people wearing them.”

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