New Jersey Company Tackles Failed Systems


Tune in as Joe Garner of English Sewage Disposal discusses two of the company’s recent septic system replacements. After failed real estate inspections, the company took on the task of completely replacing the systems.

For the first job, English Sewage removed the old system and replaced it with an ATU. This allowed for a smaller drainfield. The crew had to work from the house outward to find the proper elevation for the drainfield in the front yard.

Garner also talks about a second job, replacing a chamber system that was failing due to a biomat formation that left the system unable to drain properly. The crew prepared the site with a John Deere excavator, then removed close to 6,000 gallons of standing water in the chambers and tank with a vacuum truck. The old chambers were removed, and a soil test would determine whether the system needed to be reconstructed from the bottom up.

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