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Line splitter

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Line splitter

The Tru-Flow Splitter system from Clarus Environmental can split wastewater effluent flows from 0.1 gpm to 30 gpm into two to five distribution lines. The lightweight and non-corrodible system is long lasting and easy to install. It consists of a diverter basin and cover, and a diverter.

The bubble-level design allows for post-construction adjustments, solving problems associated with distribution box settling. The unit may settle as much as 15 degrees front-to-back (30 degrees total) and 12 degrees side-to-side (24 degrees total) and, when adjusted, will still evenly split effluent. With a 4-inch riser to the surface, the system is easy to inspect and maintain. 877/244-9340; www.clarusenvironmental.com.


Septic chamber

The Quick4 Plus Standard Chamber from Infiltrator Systems offers high strength through a center structural column and is available in standard and standard low-profile (LP) models. The unit can be installed in a 36-inch-wide trench and a Contour Swivel Connection permits 10-degree right and left turns, making it well suited for tough terrain and tight job sites. The chamber’s 4-foot length provides optimal installation flexibility. Only 8 inches high, the LP model is 4 inches shorter than the standard model, allowing for shallow installations.

Two simple, flat endcaps are offered with the chambers. The all-in-one endcap can be used at the end of a chamber row or installed mid-trench to allow for a center feed and inlet pipe connections. Additional accessories are available. 800/221-4436; www.infiltratorsystems.com.


Gravelless drainfield

The Q2 (Q squared where Q is flow) high-efficiency gravelless drainfield product from Koi Environmental consists of interconnected pieces of expanded polymer, including expanded polystyrene, designed to maximize surface area and void space. The pieces are formed into strong, lightweight dimensional blocks 6 to 12 inches square and 5 feet long. The blocks weight 2 1/2 to 5 pounds each, and can be stacked and cut for any dispersal system design.

Design features optimize oxygen transfer and bacterial growth, allowing effluent to be channeled to the sidewall of the trench. Variable porosity of the individual pieces making up the blocks can be adapted to different soil types. Vertical channels enhance evaporation, and provision is made for aeration and heating through a channel in the bottom of the block. Insulation of the polymer improves cold-weather performance. The unit is transportable and quick and easy to install. 800/980-9898; www.koienvironmental.com.


Septic vents

Vents from Pagoda Vent Company are septic system vents that look like a yard or landscape accent. They can be installed with or without the company’s odor filter cartridges. The vents are easy to install, economical, come in three natural landscape colors, and are available in heights from 1 to 14 feet. 888/864-1468; www.pagodavent.com.


Vent filter

The 6-inch Poly-Air carbon odor-eliminating vent filter from Polylok fits on 4- and 6-inch vent pipes. It contains 5 pounds of activated carbon that removes offensive odors, such as hydrogen sulfide. The filter is well suited for odor elimination in commercial and residential applications. It is a discreet way of treating septic odors and can be installed on existing vents. A smaller version is available to cover 1 1/2-, 2- and 3-inch pipe. 877/765-9565; www.polylok.com.


Pipe stand

The STF-BTBS bow tie pipe stand from SIM/TECH FILTER, Inc. is designed for use in chamber systems where the distribution piping is suspended above the soil. The stand is independent of the chamber, allowing pipe to be installed before chamber installation and before the squirt test is performed. The unit installs by a squeeze-and-release action that makes installation quick and easy. The stand can be installed on the pipe before placing in the trench, and is easily adjusted to any desired spacing. The stand stores flat. It is available to fit 1-, 1 1/4-, 1 1/2-, and 3-inch pipe. 888/999-3290; www.simtechfilter.com.


Sweet filter

The Sweet Air Filter from Tuf-Tite was invented by Bud Sweet of Sweet Septic. The filter is a self-cleaning D-Vent filter that uses activated carbon to remove offensive odors from roof vents. It uses heat from the sun to automatically clean and refresh itself. The filter comes with a removable cap for easy carbon replacement. It fits 2-, 3- and 4-inch pipes, and custom sizes are available. 800/382-7009; www.tuf-tite.com.


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