Septic Tanks and Components

Septic Tanks and Components
Trapezoidal Septic Tank

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  Trapezoidal Septic Tank

Septic tanks from Ace Roto-Mold, a Division of Den Hartog Industries, feature a trapezoidal, deep rib design and interior baffle system. A custom-molded gasket system locks for a watertight seal. The tank and access covers are manufactured from high-density polyethylene with UV stabilizers, while tank outlet gaskets are vulcanized rubber and access cover gaskets are extruded nitrile rubber. Tanks come with two 24-inch double-wall access covers, which interlock with the tank using three bayonet keys. Covers can be secured with nylon wire ties and do not require metal fasteners for retention. 800/342-3408;

  Uni-Tee Baffle

The Uni-Tee Baffle from Bear Onsite allows upgrading of the effluent filter to higher-capacity, higher-performing filters in any septic system using the polyurethane uni-tee from builder-grade 4-inch screens. This is accomplished by disengaging the locking mechanism, removing the screen and housing, then locking on any available larger-sized effluent filter. This upgrade is possible from finished grade, without confined-space entry, because of the PVC pipe lever attachment on the side of the housing that is used to unlock and remove the smaller housing, then allowing it to be replaced with the new larger one. 877/653-4583;

  Septic Tank Lid

Seal-r septic tank lids from BrenLin Company create a strong seal between the septic tank and the riser, effectively eliminating water infiltration between the riser and the tank. They are made of durable materials, range from 12 to 42 inches, and can be personalized with a company’s information. The 42-inch lid meets growing demand for bigger risers to accommodate new technology equipment. 888/606-1998;

  Water Storage Tank

Flowtite water storage tanks from Containment Solutions feature a watertight fiberglass design between the access collar and the access riser. A watertight enclosure protecting an access opening is the only way to eliminate infiltration and exfiltration contamination, as the access opening is the most vulnerable entry point for contaminants into a water storage system. They are designed to meet AWWA D120, NFPA 22, NSF 61 and IAPMO standards for water/wastewater storage tanks. Tanks are available in various sizes up to 12 feet in diameter, and include fiberglass baffles and other accessories. 877/274-8265;

  Lightweight Septic Tank

Plastic septic tanks from Coon Mfg. are available in three sizes ­– 500, 1,000 and 1,500 gallons. They are made of lightweight high-density polyethylene. The 1,000- and 1,500-gallon tanks are available with or without a divider. The 4-inch inlet and outlet holes are designed for a 4-inch Schedule 40 pipe. Lids, Ts and grommets come standard. The 500-gallon tank measures 60 inches by 52 inches by 59 inches; the 1,000-gallon measures 120 inches by 52 inches by 59 inches, but is also available in a low-profile design that measures 121 inches by 61 inches by 50 inches and is equipped with a cable hook for ease in lowering during installation. The 1,500-gallon tank measures 123 inches by 59 inches by 69 inches. 800/843-1532;

  Concrete Distribution Box

Concrete distribution boxes from Dalmaray Concrete Products have been revamped to a round 2-inch ID distribution box to create a stronger external and internal structure. The box weighs approximately 400 pounds, features one inlet and five outlet ports, and may be sealed with an environmentally friendly, antimicrobial sealer that kills corrosion-causing bacteria. All covers have the option of a 4-inch-diameter vent pipe or regular manhole handle. 608/752-6507;

  Polyethylene Septic Tank Cover

Septic tank covers from Hedstrom Plastics are made of a strong, lightweight heavy-wall polyethylene. The covers fit standard 18-inch and 24-inch double-wall corrugated pipe. A safety net is available upon request, and gaskets and safety hardware are included with all covers. They can be filled with sand for added weight, or come foam-filled on request. They can also be customized with a company name. Infiltration can be stopped with a tank adapter that’s available in 18- and 24-inch sizes. 888/434-5891;

  Two-Piece Plastic Tank

IM Tanks from Infiltrator Systems are lightweight, durable and watertight. The two-piece design made for septic, pump and non-potable rainwater harvesting applications. They offer a wide range of installation possibilities including shallow installations and serial configurations. The line currently includes the IM-1060 and will soon include the IM-540 and the IM-1500. The design allows the tank halves to nest, which reduces freight costs. They feature heavy-duty lids and structurally reinforced access ports, reinforced structural ribbing and fiberglass support posts. No special installation, backfill or water filling is required. 800/221-4436;

  Foam-Core Fiberglass Lid

The 24-inch Foam-Core Fiberglass Lid from Orenco Systems features molded-in insulation. Light yet stiff, it has a self-aligning feature on the underside that simplifies installation and helps keep it in position while unbolted. It comes with flanged hex-bolt attachment hardware, as well as urethane gaskets for watertight installations. It also features a standard non-skid surface design, and supports 2,500 pounds. It is available as a landscape lid in three patterns designed to blend into the surroundings – grass, river rock and bark mulch. 800/348-9843;

  Effluent Filter

The PL-122 effluent filter from Polylok/Zabel Environmental features an automatic shut-off ball installed with every filter. When the filter is removed for servicing, the ball prevents any solids from leaving the tank. It is easy to install, clean and service, and extends the life of a drainfield. It offers 122 linear feet of 1/16-inch filter slots, significantly extending time between cleaning. Its modular design also allows for increased filtration. Filter alarms are available to notify the owner when servicing is required. 877/765-9565;

  Polyethylene Water Tanks

Polyethylene water tanks from Romotech feature gallon indicators and translucent walls for level viewing. Larger rounded tanks are equipped with molded-in legs for tank support. Tank sizes available are 8 to 125 gallons, 325 gallons and 525 gallons. They are made from FDA-approved natural polyethylene material that is UV-stabilized for outdoor storage. All tanks have slots for tie-down straps (straps not included), and are equipped with a 3/4-inch bulkhead fitting. All 8- to 125-gallon tanks are equipped with a 5-inch lid, while 325- and 525-gallon tanks are equipped with a 12-inch lid. 574/831-6450;

  Septic Tank Forms

Septic tank forms from The Shaddix Company are tapered, air release-type forms. They can be fabricated to a particular state’s specifications, with many different sizes available. They include the outside form, inside forms with a built-in pouring pan, one pick-up bar, and a lid form, with two 18-inch square pouring plugs. The company also offers pre-owned reconditioned forms. 256/338-4987;

  Locking Riser Lid

Locking riser lids from Sim/Tech Filter are mainly for use on frequent-access systems. Instead of screws, a six-point locking web is engaged and disengaged with a push release tool. The web locks and holds the lid in place in the same motion. The lid eliminates the problems of missing screws and worn out screw holes. It is also faster and easier to access the tank, while impossible for young children to remove. The lid is currently designed to fit 24-inch-diameter Sim/Tech risers or double-wall corrugated pipe or ultra-rib pipe. 888/999-3290;

  Low-Profile Septic Tank

The Dominator low-profile septic tank from Snyder Industries features a monolithic structural design for superior top load strength. Its manway isolation design keeps manholes from distorting during backfill and pump-outs. It is available in single- and double-compartment tanks, in 750-, 1,000-, 1,250- and 1,500-gallon sizes (900 and 1,050-gallon sizes for the Florida market), and can be used in both septic and pump tank applications. It doesn’t require water filling during backfill. Tees and gaskets are pre-installed. Water cisterns in 1,200- and 1,700-gallon sizes are also available. 402/467-5221;

  Septic Tank Covers

Septic tank covers from TOPP Industries are available in polyethylene and fiberglass models for sump, sewage and wastewater applications. The covers fit septic tank risers, extensions and Ultra-Rib, spiral and poly tubes. They can be customized with a company name and logo. Fiberglass basins and covers are also available for sewage lift stations in 18- through 120-inch inside diameters with all lengths. Covers fit without extra accessories. Extensions are also available. 800/354-4534;

  Septic Safety Lid Riser

Watertight, stackable risers from Tuf-Tite are available in 12-, 16-, 20 and 24-inch diameters for septic tanks, advanced treatment plants and cisterns. Lids have a molded-in gasket that won’t fall out and seals tight. All lids can be filled with concrete, padlocked and secured with vertical and horizontal safety screws (included). Lids fit concrete, plastic or fiberglass tanks. 800/382-7009;


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