Distribution Equipment and Systems

Distribution Equipment and Systems
Energy-efficient system treats to NSF Standard 40

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Energy-efficient system treats to NSF Standard 40

Problem: A homeowner building a new energy-efficient three-bedroom home in Riverton, Illinois, was looking for a low-maintenance, non-mechanical treatment solution that used little to no electricity. The homeowner wanted a treatment system that performed equally to proposed ATUs but matched the energy efficiency goal of the new home.

Solution: A gravity-fed Eljen GSF Treatment System was installed. The system is designed to passively treat wastewater to NSF Standard 40 requirements without using electricity or requiring costly maintenance programs. It was easily installed by Rick Maguire of Maguire Backhoe Co. of Virden, Illinois.

Result: The system gave the homeowner the affordable treatment and performance, without high energy costs. The system was installed in September 2014, and the owner moved into the energy-efficient home soon after. It has operated flawlessly since. 800/444-1359; www.eljen.com.

Gravity-dosing device saves existing system

Problem: In August 1992, Andover Elementary School in Connecticut had a serious problem with its septic system. The cast iron bell siphon rusted away. Rather than dosing, the chamber was passing effluent, only to have it trickle to the lowest lateral in one of two disposal fields. There was breakout, and it seemed a new system was in order.

Solution: Jim Richard of Rissy Plastics had recently invented a new non-siphon gravity-dosing device called the Flout. Richard was looking for a situation where the device could be tested and, with assistance from the state sanitarian, the Andover School was selected. Richard provided a 300-gallon precast concrete chamber and equipped it with a double-outlet Flout. The two outlets split the flow equally to the
disposal fields.

Result: The chamber is inspected annually, and the Flout was working properly when visited in June 2015. Nearly 23 years later the fields show no evidence of breakout, and distribution was evident from the greener strips of grass above the laterals. No maintenance has been needed. The town saved a considerable sum of money by not resorting to disposal field or siphon replacement, or installation of complicated pumps and controls. 877/221-4426; www.flout.net.


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