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Distribution Equipment and Systems
Sand filter system installed in mountainous mobile home park

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Sand filter system installed in mountainous mobile home park

Problem: A mobile home park located in the mountains of North Carolina with limited space and poor soils needed to treat its 30,000 gpd of wastewater to the highest level possible. The park also sought energy-efficient equipment with low maintenance requirements.

Solution: The owners chose the E-Z Treat Re-Circulating Synthetic Sand Filter, a system that is NSF-350 water reuse and NSF-245 certified, from E-Z Treat Company. Design engineer Marty Kocot from Landworks Engineering installed the system.

Result: The system works as expected and has needed minimal maintenance to keep in operation. 866/753-4770; www.eztreat.net.

Lightweight dispersal units used on lakeside system

Problem: Homeowners on Sugden Reservoir in Spencer, Massachusetts, were preparing to sell their year-round lakeside residence. As a selling point, they wanted to replace a mature septic system before putting the house on the market. However, the site had multiple constraints, including limited access to the backyard and setback requirements to the lake, which limited space for a new system. Additionally, the aging septic tank needed to be replaced.

Solution: Gobi Land Engineering designed a 330 gpd system for the three-bedroom home using 24 M5.2 units. The plan design used gravity distribution, and allowed the project to obtain a waiver for setback distances. Gary Pike Construction removed the existing system, and then installed three rows of eight of the M5.2 units. Installers were able to fit an excavator in the restricted backyard, complicated by the slope leading down to the reservoir, to dig the bed and lay down 6 inches of ASTM C33 sand. The lightweight units were hand-carried into position before being backfilled with ASTM C33 sand and clean fill. Eljen Corporation provided on-site training, and the drainfield was installed in a matter of hours.

Result: The homeowners were able to get the new, code-compliant system installed quickly, with time to enjoy the summer months on the lake before selling the property. 800/444-1359; www.eljen.com.

System solves limited space and shallow water table challenges

Problem: A failing residential septic system more than 40 years old, limited space, and groundwater at only 4 feet from the surface grade caused a Kansas homeowner to turn to Tim Wagner, water-quality specialist for Sedgwick County, Kansas, for help. The options were limited, and finding a suitable location for the system was further complicated by sandy soils and close proximity to a lake. Previously, the county recommended drip irrigation for such cases, but recent gopher damage to the driplines of those systems prompted a search for alternatives.

Solution: Wagner designed a 450 gpd system including five 45-foot lines of EZflow geosynthetic aggregate from Infiltrator Water Technologies installed on 5-foot centers. The LPP lines are installed 8 inches deep to maintain more than 2 feet of separation from the limiting layer or water table at 4 feet. The system was installed in reverse order to keep traffic off the LPP lines, minimizing compaction. Due to the shallow water table, the tank excavation had to be dewatered to set the tank. Installer Chad Mills of H D Mills & Sons was contracted to complete the installation.

Result: “EZflow was fast and easy to install and enabled us to handle the 450 gpd flow in a very small area,” Mills says. 800/221-4436; www.infiltratorwater.com.


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