System Repair/Drainfield Rejuvenation

System Repair/Drainfield Rejuvenation
Systems improve wastewater quality for ecologically and culturally sensitive community

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Systems improve wastewater quality for ecologically and culturally sensitive community

Problem: A coastal retreat community in Hawaii was looking to remove large-capacity cesspools that serviced its vacation lodging facilities. The goal was to replace them with a technology that would provide improved water quality to protect the beaches and waterfront that are enjoyed by approximately 500,000 recreational users annually. The technology had to be sensitive to ecological constraints and stringent regulations while protecting and maintaining ancient Hawaiian burial sites and cultural resources.

Solution: Delta Environmental was commissioned to provide a treatment solution. The Whitewater DF60 system serves 26 cabins along the island coast. It is an aerobic treatment unit designed to reduce BOD, TSS and ammonia with a 600-gpd design flow capacity. Wastewater discharged from cabins flows into a 500-gallon pretreatment tank equipped with an effluent filter, then into the unit for biological treatment, and finally into a 500-gallon pump tank equipped with a Delta Ecofilter pump vault. The water is discharged into raised absorption beds.

Result: The unit allowed the community to upgrade its wastewater treatment systems to meet new standards of environmental and cultural stewardship. The effluent has satisfied local regulations. The absorption beds were re-vegetated with a variety of native Hawaiian plants that provide aesthetic and educational benefits to guests. 800/219-9183;

Advanced treatment system donated for Arizona home

Problem: A Yuma County, Arizona, resident applied and received a placement permit for a mobile home. It was discovered that the current septic system for the new home was an illegal cesspool and needed to be replaced. The resident did not have the funds to replace the cesspool.

Solution: The local sanitarian, Rick Stacks, reached out to local businesses for help in getting a legitimate septic system. They chose a three-bedroom-sized Advanced Enviro-Septic system donated by Presby Environmental, which treats the wastewater passively and disperses back into the earth without electricity.

Result: The mobile home now has a legal septic system that provides NSF 40 standard treatment. 800/473-5298;


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