Product Spotlight - June 2021

Product Spotlight - June 2021

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As a septic service and onsite system installer, you no doubt have dealt with customer complaints of septic and sewer odor. If those customers have standard plumbing vent stacks, odor can sometimes be a problem depending upon the home and property topography.

To combat the issue, Industrial Odor Control, a Simple Solutions Company, offers a line of products that specialize in removing offensive odors with carbon vent filters. The activated charcoal vent filters work to eliminate hydrogen sulfide as it is released from airstreams and vents. Units are available that filter 3 to 2,700 cubic feet of air per minute. In addition to capturing hydrogen sulfide, they also remove diamines, ammonia, terpenes and other organic sulfides from the air.

The company recently released an upgrade to its line of filters to include an end of service life indicator that alerts users when the carbon inside is saturated and needs to be replaced. The company’s line of residential and light industrial odor filters now come standard with this improvement. The models that include the ESLI are the Heavy Duty (HD), WVI (Inline), LRF (Linear Roof Filter), and SWV (Super Wolverine). 

According to Andrew McGibbon, president of Simple Solutions Distributing, the life of a filter is based upon the volume of air and the concentration of the hydrogen sulfide in that air stream. If you don’t have those two variables, you cannot calculate exactly when the filter will suffer breakthrough. Homeowners, and most professionals, do not have the equipment necessary to test for those exact numbers. 

“While we cannot give them a precise answer without knowing the airflow and concentration, we can provide them with something that will give them advance warning of pending breakthrough” McGibbon says. 

The indicator is a small button on the side of the filter. It is a qualitative (yes/no) colorimetric indicator for the end-of-service life of carbon adsorbers and filters and will change colors when the carbon has become saturated. It is designed to provide real-time indication of the breakthrough of hydrogen sulfide gas. Water has no effect on the breakthrough indicator. 866-667-8465; 


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