Case Study - June 2021

Case Study - June 2021
Chambers provide reduced carbon footprint and aquifer recharge at biological field station

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Septic tanks key to island system installation

Problem: On Farm Island, north of Minneapolis, most installation work stops during the winter. When Septic Check was asked to design and install a septic system for a 1,400-square-foot, year-round dwelling, they took an unusual step by waiting for winter to enable transporting project materials on a trailer over the frozen lake to the remote island site via a 3,400-foot-long snowplowed road across the ice.

Solution: A tank-based advanced treatment unit system was selected to meet Minnesota regulations requiring a 3-foot minimum separation between a conventional system drainfield and the water table. The system with a UV lamp reduced the required separation to 1 foot. Wastewater exits the house via 12 feet of PVC pipe to the first of three Infiltrator IM-1060 1,000-gallon tanks, where settling and anaerobic treatment occurs. Wastewater then flows by gravity into the second tank where a Delta ECOPOD E50 ATU provides aerobic processing. It leaves the ECOPOD and flows by gravity through a SALCOR UV light to the last tank and is then pumped 65 feet through a 2-inch pipe to a 585-square-foot absorption field.  

Result: To prevent the soil from freezing prior to the March installation, the site was covered with frost blankets. Equipment and supplies were driven across the frozen lake and technicians commuted by snowmobile. An auger was used regularly to check the thickness and quality of the ice and ensure safety. The installation went smoothly. Daily clearing of all dirt piles to prevent overnight freezing was one of the hardest challenges. 800-221-4436;


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