Product Spotlight: Foam Media Biofilter Designed as an Economical Alternative

Product Spotlight: Foam Media Biofilter Designed as an Economical Alternative

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For more than two decades, Anua AeroCell Open Cell Foam Biofilters have been utilized in residential and commercial septic situations requiring enhanced nitrogen removal. The new A400 Series pod follows suit, remaining efficient and effective.

“The foam media provides a highly porous structure to support oxygen transfer and microbial attachment,” says Colin Bishop, CEO of Anua.

The synthetic media is designed to allow free air flow and water movement by providing large, open surface area, which the company claims creates an environment where diverse microorganisms can flourish, generating better treatment under passive conditions.

The system begins with pretreatment of domestic sewage using a septic tank equipped with an effluent filter that utilizes a 1/32-inch filtration on the outlet. The primary treated effluent then moves into a dosing tank where a pump doses the screened effluent to the treatment pod. The effluent dosing occurs in short, frequent durations over a 24-hour period, utilizing a control panel with a repeat cycle timer.

“Once sprayed, the effluent moves via gravity down through the open cell foam media where natural microbiological processes occur that provide high level treatment,” Bishop says. “After passing through the full depth of media, the effluent travels to the bottom of the pod and the flow is split with 80% back into the treatment stream and 20% to the final dispersal point.”

An A400 pod measures just over 7-feet long by 4 1/2-feet wide by 2 1/2-feet tall. They are designed to handle a typical flow of 400 gpd and a peak flow of 600 gpd.

Other configurations and sizes of the A400 series are available for greater capacity and higher flow needs with the largest residential configuration containing three A400 pods in a series, capable of handling peak flow of 1,800 gpd.

The versatility in size and arrangement make them suitable for a wide range of uses including, single- or multi-family homes, small commercial operations, churches, schools and intermittent uses such as vacation homes and campgrounds.

Bishop says customers have responded well to the product. “Installers really like that the pods are preassembled, low profile and lightweight. It makes them easy to ship, easy to install, and easy to maintain,” he says. 336-547-9338;


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