Salcor 3G UV Disinfection Solves Duke’s Oceanfront Restaurant Wastewater Problem, Enabling Direct Discharge Into Beach Sand

Duke’s — a popular restaurant in Malibu, California — was named after Duke Kahanamoku, who is considered the “Father of Surfing.” Wastewater from the restaurant averages 6,000 gpd and must be treated on site and directly discharged into a sensitive beach environment.

After numerous water quality and discharge violations, the facility began upgrading its treatment system in 2011, selecting an upflow sludge blanket filtration system and Salcor disinfection consisting of four 3G units in two parallel tracks. The design was approved by the California Regional Water Quality Board and City of Malibu, and construction was completed in April 2012.

Outstanding results

The new treatment system for Duke’s immediately produced high-quality effluent, which has met the stringent disinfection requirement of California Title 22. Results have been consistent over six years of operation, according to the plant operator.

Effluent total coliform count has been nondetectable, and DO concentration has averaged 6 mg/L. The high-quality discharge has reduced coliform levels in the groundwater lens under the site and adjacent beach from greater than 1,600 MPN to less than 2 MPN. 

Because of the restaurant wastewater’s fat, oil and grease content, the Salcor UV units were initially inspected weekly for possible fouling of the unique Teflon barrier. No fouling occurred, and operation has been trouble-free and efficient, according to the plant operator.

About the unit

Salcor’s unit is UL listed and meets the NEMA 6P successful 30-day underwater test. It survives  most catastrophic weather disasters (hurricanes, floods and lightning). It has been tested extensively by several third-party testing sites, including 21 separate times by NSF. It has been used in residential, commercial and municipal projects, and can be clustered to treat up to 100,000-plus gpd. 

Because its lamp has a Teflon cover, it resists fouling and reduces maintenance, which is limited to simply wiping it down every six months and replacing the lamp every two years. The unit can be installed in-ground or in a pump tank, so the footprint is minimal and includes an alarm circuit for reliable, continuous performance monitoring.

Salcor Inc. has revolutionized UV disinfection since 1978. The scalable 3G unit disinfects  residential, commercial and municipal systems from 9,000 to 100,000-plus gpd. Salcor’s technology protects shellfish (oysters, clams, crabs) and other marine life from wastewater microbial contamination. It also is helping to defeat life-threatening superbugs.

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