The Most-Read Articles of 2020

The Most-Read Articles of 2020

As the end of the year approaches, here’s a recap of some of the top stories on If you missed any of these, now is your chance to catch up. Enjoy this look back at 2020.

10. Why You Should Discourage Homeowners From Putting Pet Waste in Their Septic
Some homeowners think it’s more responsible than the landfill, but most onsite systems are not designed for that. 

9. Meeting Demand With the Right Equipment
Richards Septic Tank Service invests in equipment purchases to meet emerging customer needs. 

8. Top 10 Reasons the Effluent Filter Is Plugged
Here are common causes of premature clogging to warn homeowners against. 

7. Which Septic Tank Material Should You Use?
Each common septic tank material has advantages and disadvantages you should consider carefully before each installation.

6. When Is Septic Tank Maintenance Needed?
The most reliable method for determining the need to pump is regular inspection of the tank, including measurement of sludge and scum thickness.

5. Coffee and Soda Down the Drain: What are the Impacts on Septic Systems?
An OSTP study looks at how these beverages change the pH and other levels in an onsite system.

4. Tips for Excavating and Setting Septic Tanks
Proper evaluation and preparation when installing a septic tank helps prevent later tank movement and other problems.

3. New Research: Is COVID-19 in Wastewater?
New studies highlight the fact that it is essential for those in the industry to commit to wearing PPE to protect themselves.

2. Proper Backfill for Septic Tanks
After a septic tank is set, it must be appropriately backfilled, and the fill should be compacted — with care — if necessary. 

1. Are Septic System Professionals at a Greater Risk for COVID-19?
What we know so far about transmission of the virus via sewage, and how to protect yourself and your team.


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