CEN21 System Helps Meet Facility’s Expansion Needs

A case study from the Large Scale and Commercial Treatment Systems series

CEN21 System Helps Meet Facility’s Expansion Needs

Problem: Columbine Inn is employee housing for 71 residents that work in the Ski Valley of New Mexico. Expansion was needed. Overall design for daily flow was drainfield space and legal treatment soil limited due to drinking water well setback regulations and soil texture. Ultimately a 33% reduction in daily flow was needed.  

Solution: Waste Management Associates in Santa Fe was able to design a system using two FujiClean USA CEN21 models and creative pressurized drainfields to meet the expansion needs. All sewage flows to an upgraded wastewater treatment system. Existing septic and graywater tanks were reconfigured for primary settling and flow equalization. Secondary and tertiary treatment are done in the pair of CEN21 systems, each having a treatment capacity of 1,900 gpd. CEN systems are designed to utilize a small footprint while providing superior treatment and nitrogen reduction. Tertiary effluent enters final pump tanks. Total residence time for emergency built into the system is 7.6 days. Accounting for both precipitation and effluent disposal, the system uses shallow discharge disperse over 8,000 square feet. This is approximately 40% excess absorption capacity over code. A new drip system was installed per specifications including anti-freeze precautions. Though the drip system could be operated year-round, when soil temperatures go below freezing, a Low Pressure Pipe system will take over automatically. The old gravity drainfield is passively retained to act as an emergency disposal during power outage or some unforeseen problem.  

Result: In mid-year 2021, the system was installed and has been operating above expectations. As-built drawings and operation documents were generated to aid monthly routine maintenance personnel and document any installation details. 207-406-2927; www.fujicleanusa.com


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